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Will India has to face combined Military power of China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka on being war flared up with China?

India-China War

The clouds of war on Indo-China border in Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh have been cleared off now after a visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited there as Chinese forces are said to have moved that from the occupied area in Galwan. But the dispute in Galwan Valley between the two neighboring countries still remain unsolved.

The build-up of tensions on Indo-China border in Galwan Valley following the clash between Indian and Chinese military personnel on 14-15 June 2020 has been gradually reaching at flashpoint after the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Leh where he addressing our Jawans posted there had warned China without spelling its name about teaching it a lesson in the wake of an attack on India being made by China. People of India especially some of our Electronic Media consider this visit of PM Narendra Modi in Leh an indication of the announcement of war with China. As far as Military preparedness in Ladakh is concerned, our government is not leaving any stone unturned in regard to retaliating any attack from China. All necessary steps in relation to war with China have been taken in which deployment of more than 30 thousand Jawans, Artillery Guns, Tanks, and all kinds of fighter aircraft are included. Besides guarding our sky by fighter aircraft is being made all the time, so that our army should be in a responsive position there always. The Morale of our Jawans is very high because of the visit of PM Narendra Modi in Leh who has filled fresh valor and encouragement in our Jawans when he had addressed them and had reminded them also that the would-be war will be a war ‘Dharm & Adharm’ like be Mahabharat war. In this context, the Prime Minister also reminded us that we are a worshipper of ‘Lord Shri Krishna’ who wielded ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ and hold ‘Flute’. However, our 3 Defence forces; Army, Air force & Navy are fully prepared to reply to China in the Tit-for-Tat way.

China does not like India to be emerged as a big military power in Asia except itself, keeping in view the fact that it has emerged as a big economic power in the world. According to a report, the Growth Domestic Production (GDP) of China is 14 Trillion US Dollars and ranked as the second-largest economic power of the world. The vastness of the Chinese economy can be understood by this fact that China has given the loan to 150 countries of the world, while China itself is loan free country. It has not taken any loan from any International monitory organization. It should be remembered here that China has given loans to many countries more in comparison to loans given by the ‘International Monetary Fund’ (IMF) and ‘World Bank’. Not only this China has invested money in a very large amount in developed countries like America, Russia, Australia, countries relating to European communities.  In addition to its Chinese trade with the world’s countries is very beneficial for China as China exports its goods worth 2.49 Trillion US Dollars and imports goods worth 2.13 Trillion US Dollars. Thus the total international trade in China is worth 4.62 Trillion US Dollars. This is the latest data about Chinese international trade. From this data, we can compare the size of the Indian economy easily while the total international trade of China amount worth 4.62 Trillion US Dollars or 12.4 percent of global trade. On the other hand, the total Indian GDP is only 2.72 Trillion US Dollars and our latest total international trade is worth about 844 Billion US Dollars. As far as our trade with China is concerned India’s import from China is only 4 percent of the total import of China. It means we are importing Chinese goods worth about 4 Lakh Crore US Dollars every year. The world’s countries import from China is worth about 2.5 Crore Billion US Dollars. Considering these facts and data, we can come to this conclusion that the size of the Indian economy is far behind from the size of the Chinese economy.

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When tension between India and China on Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh in Galwan Valley had been flared up. Demonstration against China in various parts of the country had been organized as well as Chinese commodities had been burnt by the protestors. Then the issue of boycotting Chinese commodities in India in which many organizations relating to Business & Small trade communities had also supported the demand of boycotting Chinese products in India, expressing this view that the backbone of the Chinese economy could be broken by boycotting of Chinese products in India as we could inflict harm China of 5 Lakh Crore US Dollars which counts total trade of India with China. Considering the above trade and Business data with China, a foolish, uneducated, and ignorant person can talk about harming the Chinese economy by boycotting total Chinese products in India.

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After 1962 China has made puzzling progress about which India cannot think about it. In the above paragraph, I have presented a glimpse of the economic progress of China which shows that the Chinese economy is the second-largest economy of the world after America and it is trying to surpass America by reaching on the top position of the world economy. China has made manifold progress in the Defence field too. Now the Defence budget of China is amounted to around 179 Billion US Dollars which is 3 times more of Indian Defence budget. India’s Defence budget for 2020 amounts to 66.9 Billion US Dollars. Keeping this data in the view, anyone can come to this conclusion that China has 3 times more Defence power than India. What kinds of weapons China has developed, the world does not know in detail about them? On the other hand, India has unfolded its weapons of armory recently by demonstrating its weapons in Galwan Valley and it has been given a clear signal to China that India has all the latest weapons (Aircrafts, Artillery guns, Helicopters, Tanks, etc.) for crushing Chinese attack on India. In Indian media also details of all kinds of weapons have been telecasted with the aim of frightening China. But it has not been known whether China has been afraid of the demonstration of our weapons or it has taken serious notice for befitting replies of our Indian weapons. Some of our Defence analysts and experts and retired high military officials have been presenting their views on TV channels that our weapons are far better than Chinese ones. So, India can inflict China’s harm unimaginable. Is it an only imagination for bolstering encouragement of our army Jawans as well as peoples of India? However, it should be remembered that no country including India must not perceive its enemies like China less strong than itself.

If a war with China is flared up this time, it will be totally different from the war of 1962 for different reasons. The first and foremost reason will be the destruction of a large scale faced by both countries due to the use of the latest weapons of destruction in the war. This war will turn cities of both neighboring countries into debris as these will be bombed with the accurate target. This was will be fought with very advanced destructive weapons, so it will break the backs of both neighboring countries and will destroy the economy of both countries resulting in both countries will suffer such an economic loss which can not be presumed. But one thing can be said with certainty that it will shatter India’s dream to get it included among 5 topmost economic power of the world. As far as Chinese military power is concerned, it has been developing its war of weapons, keeping in view the possibility of a war to be broken out with America. Another dangerous aspect of this war will be the possibility of joining hands by Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka with China. Pakistan is the country that has been continuously seeking opportunities to inflict India harms as much as it may be possible. In fact, Pakistan wants to take revenge from India for East Pakistan being gotten separated from it in 1972. The world knows it better that Pakistan is engaged in exporting terrorism in Kashmir with the aim of getting Kashmir separated from India. Defeated Pakistan by India in 3 war will join China certainly if a war between India and China will start. Pakistan will use all its defense powers against India which will create a very big problem for India compelling it to divert its focus on Indo-Pak border too because it will be a golden chance for Pakistan for capturing territory of Kashmir. If Pakistan jumps into the Indo-China war, it will try its best to capture other territories like Punjab and Rajasthan. Pakistan will attack India at the time of the Indo-China war because of its strong connection with China. To understand Pak-Chinese relation, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) mutual project of China and Pakistan should be kept in view. China has expended 46 Billion US Dollars as this project will provide China’s surface way to reach the Arabian Sea from where it will become able to reach the world over countries easily by Sea. This will help China in expending its trade enormously. The CPEC project is related to the construction of a road from Kashgar of Xinjiang Chinese province to Gwader of Baluchistan province of Pakistan.

Like Pakistan, other neighboring countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka have also very close relations with China. Nepal is sitting in the lap of China now where Chinese influence can be seen easily. Meanwhile, China has invested a very big amount in Nepal in many fields like Road Infrastructure, Railway projects, Hydel projects, and Tourism, and this trend is continued. In fact, China is trying to invest much more capital in Nepal, so that it can influence Nepal as much as it may be possible. Bangladesh is the other country where China has been continuously investing a very heavy amount in various projects including many bridges on different rivers in Bangladesh there. Constructions of Port, Constructions of skyscraper buildings, Cement production project, etc. The total cost of these projects run near about 107.5 Billion US Dollars. In the same way, Sri Lanka has been also getting benefits from Chinese investments. China has constructed a very important Port in Sri Lanka too which is the busiest Port (Hambantota) is controlled fully by China. In other fields, Chinese investments in Sri Lanka are making it a developing Nation rapidly. China is the largest lender in Sri Lanka. The investment of China in Sri Lanka can be understood with details related to other Chinese projects being handled by China. China is engaged in building another Port in the capital city of Colombo, a Coal-fired power plant in the North-West of Sri Lanka.

Besides a skyscraper building which is the tallest building in South Asia, an 1150-foot-high Lotus Tower, a Concert hall, a hotel, and a Business district apartment have being built by China in Colombo. These projects show the dependency of Sri Lanka on China. In such a situation Sri Lanka will turn into a colony of China soon which will compel the Sri Lankan government to follow its terms.

Despite talks of many rounds between high-level military officials of India and China held no solution of the problems relating Indo-China border in Galwan Valley still has been come out as India claims that from Finger 1 to Finger 8 of Pangong Tso are its territory while China denies the claim of India and says that Line of Actual Control (LAC) is situated at Finger 2, so the rest finger areas have come under Chinese territory. This is the reason that when China occupies the Finger 4, then the tension between Indo-China begin. They still possess the Finger 4 to Finger 8 area. It seems China does not want a war to be broken out at this point in time. But it does not mean that the danger of war between India and China has been disappeared. As far as tension continues in the Galwan Valley area, the possibility of war between the two neighboring countries remains constant. Which one of the two countries when starts this war depends upon the situation?

Perhaps China does not want to begin a war with India now. It seems that it wants to strengthen more its ties with the above 4 neighboring countries (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh) of India in the hope of getting their full support in the wake of war being flared up with India in the future.

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