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China cyber attacked on Indian satellite communications: US Report

China cyberattack on Indian satellite

China is attacking an Indian satellite claimed by the united states of the US report. China attacked computer networks against Indian satellites in 2017, similar activity by China since 2007.

It is listed in a new report by US-based CASI(China Aerospace Studies Institue) that gives ISRO the position of China among other things. Cyberattack is a constant threat to every country. There are also 142-page reports between 2012 and 2018. India and many countries were attacked many times.

In 2012, a Chinese-based company attacked the jet propulsion laboratory. India has also been attacked by China. Some of its names are Space-Based Jammer, SAT Missile, Ground, and Air Jammers Ground. Lesser, orbital Satellite Attack, Cyberattack.

On 27 March 2019, India fit with kinetic killing options to destroy enemy satellites, but according to CASI reports China has several other counter space technologies that threaten space systems in geosynchronous orbit from the ground up Direct ascent vehicles, which direct co-orbital satellites. , A think tank, the American head of space operations.

It also provides expert research and analysis supporting decision and policymakers in the US government. The CASI findings of a recent Pentagon report state that PLA continues to acquire and develop technologies that China can use to divide the enemy.

Toby Simone called a synergistic foundation – one of the biggest weaknesses of all satellite systems is the use of long-distance telemetry for communication to base stations.
Uplinks and downlinks are often transmitted through open telecommunications security protocols that can be compromised.

We have to agree that there is no air gap in cybersecurity and more private companies cross into the industry and it would be an inconvenient step for them to invest in defense.
China had already attacked Indian satellite communications in 2007 as they did in 2019, hijacking the systems used to control the spacecraft.

China has invested in developing the ground, air, space-based radio frequency jammers that target uplink, downlink, cross-links involved in the control of space systems or data transmission to reports.

ISRO has not been able to pinpoint the sources of cyberattack over the years.
Cyberbullying is done but it is not known who is behind the attacks.

A senior scientist said that the Chinese may try and fail. Mr. K. Sivan ISRO Chairman denied any knowledge of the attacks on Indian ground stations. The danger always remains but still, we are safe, he said. India is an independent and separate network not connected to the public domain which protects the system.

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