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A mystery of the discovery of the eighth continent by scientists in 375 years

discovery of eighth continent

We have heard from our childhood that there are total 7 continents in the world. But do you know that the actual number of continents is now eight. Eighth continent have now been discovered by Europeans. It took scientists 375 years to discover the eighth continent. Well, the time was too long to find the this continent.

It is truly shocking and mysterious

By the way, part of the world was mysterious to Europeans.

But no one was sure that something must happen.

At the 14 August, Tasman set sail from his company, which is basically Jakarta based, has 2 ships in Indonesia and it goes west, east, south, and ends in New Zealand. His first encounter with the local Māori people did not go well: on day two, several paddled out on a canoe, and rammed a small boat that was passing messages between the Dutch ships. Four Europeans died. Later, the Europeans fired a cannon at 11 more canoes – it’s not known what happened to their targets.

And the end of Mission Tasman was named Fate Place Mordeners Bay. There were irony and many changes from home for several weeks without stepping on new ground.

And he believed that he actually found the great southern 8th continent.

Australia is well aware of this already

Although Australia already knows well, Europeans did not know about the great continent they were looking for.

Terra Australia was then named when he changed his mindset.

Tasman knows well that he was right and must be a missing continent.

Tasman found that the great southern continent is 94% underwater.

Announcement of the eighth continent

A group of geologists announced the discovery of New Zealand. It was a vast continent of 1.89 million square miles. It is about six times the size of Madagascar.

Even in encyclopedias, maps, search engines were unbreakable considering that there are only seven continents.

But the scientist’s time misunderstood the whole world and in fact, there are eight continents and not seven.

By the way, this continent is 94% underwater.

It is a handful of islands like New Zealand.

The continent had been hidden in plain for many years.

As Andy Tulloch, a New Zealand geologist says – this is an example of how it can take some time to become clear.

Andy Mukt is a geologist at Research GNS Science who discovered Zealandia.

Well, this secret is preserved under 64,560 feet of water. There can still be various questions.

The discovery was hard and difficult

Tasman discovered in 1642 more than 100 years of discovery in New Zealand.

The first clue to the continent was gathered by the Scottish naturalist Sir James Hector.

He participated in A VOYAGE in 1895 to survey a range of islands off the southern coast of New Zealand.

And after studying their geology they concluded that New Zealand is the remnant of a mountain range that formed the summit of a great continental region that stretched to the south and east.

It is now submerged but the Josh is still unclear.

What is a Continent?

The continent is a broad geological region with a wide range of elevations, a wide variety of rocks, and a thick crust.

In 1995, American geophysicist Bruce Luyendyk again declared the region as a continent and suggested calling Jolanda.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea came into force and in the end, got some serious inspiration.

Countries can limit their legal areas beyond their Special Economic Zones.

Money was arranged for sudden visits to survey the area and evidence was gradually built up.

Each rock was collected which improved the case.

When the continent was finally unveiled to the world, it opened up one of the largest sea areas in the world.

There are different countries on every continent of the planet.

But there are only three territories in Zealandia.

A Mysterious Pull

By the way, Zealandia was the original part of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana. It was formed about 550 million years ago and was essentially connected to all lands in the Southern Hemisphere. It was occupied by the corner on the eastern side.

About 150 million years ago due to a process that we did not yet fully understand that Zealandia began to be dragged.

Despite being well thin and submerged, geologists know that Zealandia is a continent due to the types of rocks and is found there.

Continental crust is made up of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks due to the type of rocks – granite, molar, and limestone while the ocean floor is generally similar to basalt like igneous. Somethings are still unclear and mysterious about eighth continent of the world. So, there are still many questions revolving around this.

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