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BWSSB Prohibits Non-Essential Use of Potable Water in the Midst of Bengaluru Water Crisis

Bengaluru Water Crisis

The problem of the water crisis is rising in Bengaluru day by day. The situation is getting worse. It made the limited use of drinking water like no one can use drinking water for anything else from now like gardening, car washing, etc.

Sections 33 and 34 of the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1964, the BWSSB issued a notice on 7 March that the public cannot use water for gardening activities, cleaning vehicles, construction of buildings and roads, for entertainment purposes, any decorations work like fountains, etc.

Malls and Cinema halls can use water for the drinking purpose only

As per the Bengaluru government, the malls and movie halls only allow water for drinking, it cannot be used for any other purpose due to extreme water shortage in the city!

At present, this is situation in Bengaluru, people are forced to use even the bathroom of the mall because there is not enough water at home for them to go to the bathroom. This is a very bad situation.

Fine will be imposed in case of violation of rules

The government has decided to impose a heavy fines sum of Rs. 5,000 if anyone has found to violate the rules and waste the water. The penalty of Rs.5000 will be for the first time if the individual still caught while doing the same mistakes, a Rs.5,000 will be charged again, and Rs. 500 per day charged as a penalty!

BWSSB has banned the usage of water for nonessential purposes

Due to the extreme water crisis in Bengaluru city, the Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has banned the usage of water for nonessential purposes for everyone if someone has found, the person will be penalized for this.

Drinking water is a necessity for everyone and no one can survive without water. According to BWSSB, the temperature is rising in the city due to a lack of rain. The water level has also decreased. Therefore, it is required to prevent wastage of water in Bengaluru city.

The government is requests to use water wisely-Bengaluru Water Crisis

The government has requested from the public, please use water wisely and not waste a single drop of water. If anyone has found to waste the water, kindly inform on 1916 number immediately.

Save water Save Life- Bengaluru Water Crisis

By saving water we can save the life too because water is essential for everyone like humans, plants, and animals. No one can survive without it or be ready to face the worse future!

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