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Biden’s Bold Stance: A Palestinian State on the Horizon, Hamas Demise in Sight

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Discover how Biden’s bold stance on the Palestinian issue is paving the way for a potential state and potentially bringing an end to Hamas.

On Sunday, Biden called for a path to establish a Palestinian state as well as the elimination of Hamas.

During a 60 Minutes interview aired Sunday, Joe Biden reaffirmed his condemnation of Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel on October 7. According to Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office, the death toll reached about 1,400 people as of Sunday.

Biden said, “This is not even human behavior. It’s pure barbarism.”

After 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley asked if Hamas should be “eliminated entirely,” the president said it should be eradicated.

“Yes, I do,” Biden replied. “But there must be a Palestinian authority. This path must lead to a Palestinian state.”

He mentioned the “two-state solution” – a proposal that envisions Israel and Palestine as independent states.

However, Biden acknowledged that Israel would not be open to the solution after last week’s attacks, adding he believed Israel understood that a significant portion of Palestinians do not share the views of Hamas and Hezbollah, two Shiite Muslim parties and military groups in Lebanon.

It is urging civilians to stay away from areas occupied by Hamas, which has controlled the territory since 2006, the last time its inhabitants voted in an election, even before the formal declaration of war. Israel is taking action against alleged Hamas targets in Gaza even before the formal declaration of war.

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