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Israel Defense Force Regains Full Control of Gaza Border

Israel control gaza border

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, Israel top military spokesman, stressed that the military has regained full control of the Gaza border after Hamas terrorists blew up sections of the fence on Saturday.

Furthermore, he noted that no terrorist entered through the fence. The fence has not been penetrated by a single terrorist in the last day, he said.Further, the force is continuing to conduct scans in order to kill hidden terrorists.

According to The Times of Israel, there are still a few terrorists hiding in Israeli territory

According to Israel Air Force, the IDF has completed the evacuation of settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip fence ‘with the exception of those with essential positions and exceptional cases’ and Isreal takes he full control of gaza border.

According to the report, the IDF cleared the surrounding area with 35 battalions and four lieutenant generals who commanded different sectors.

Hamas launched a barbaric attack on Israel that resulted in at least 900 Israeli deaths and over 2,616 injuries.

Approximately 4,500 rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israel, after which the IDF has struck 1290 Hamas targets.

After 36 hours of extensive attacks by the Air Force, hundreds of tons of bombs have been dropped on thousands of targets.

Hamas continues to attack Israel on the fourth day, killing at least 900 Israelis and injuring over 2,616 others.

The IAF announced on Tuesday that a WhatsApp center will be open 24/7 where commanders and soldiers can report logistical deficiencies.

Moreover, the center was opened in order to identify specific gaps and provide food, equipment, and logistics as soon as possible.

Israeli fighter jets have struck numerous Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip, according to the Israeli Air Force.

A large number of terror attacks against Israel are directed from Rimal and Khan Yunis, which are used as terror hubs by Hamas.

As part of the attack, IAF fighter jets struck Islamic Jihad terror infrastructure in Khan Yunis, a Hamas weapons storage site located inside a mosque, and operational terror infrastructure used by Hamas terror operatives.

Moreover, the fighter jets struck an operational residence belonging to a Hamas operative in the Anti-Tank Missiles Division, infrastructure used by one of Hamas’s senior officials, and another operational asset used by Hamas terror operatives within Al-Forqan’s multi-story building.

Also struck were a Hamas command center located inside a mosque, a Hamas-Israeli Air Force Anti-Tank Missile Division command center, and two additional operational residences.

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