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Palestine Supporters Rally Across the Globe in Solidarity with Gaza

Palestine Supporters Rally Across the Globe in Solidarity with Gaza

In the wake of recent events, tensions have ignited across the globe surrounding the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As emotions run high and narratives clash, the rally of Palestine supporters are gearing up to stage an unprecedented display of solidarity.

People across the world divided into two groups – One is who are against the Hamas terror attack on Israel and others who are in support of Palestine, originally from Islamic religions.

This report will show you how different countries facing this ongoing issues even despite of bans flag march in favour of Hamas attack in many countries. Such as UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunk has already warned Palestine supporters living in UK.

Brace yourselves as we explore this highly charged movement and its potential implications on international diplomacy!

Palestine Supporters Rally in Canada

Following the unprecedented violence in Israel over the weekend, Jewish and Palestinian n communities in Canada protested separately.

Toronto, Calgary, and Ottawa organized rallies, with occasional confrontations between the two groups characterized by high emotions.

“Hamas terrorists aren’t a resistance,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in Ottawa, condemning the “brutal and horrific” attacks and expressed his support for Israel.

Local authorities report that around 800 Israelis and 500 Gazans have been killed since Saturday’s surprise attack by Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers.

In a recent, Khalistan incident occurred in Canada and how it affected almost whole country due to terror connection in Canada of Khalistan’s. People in this group having dangerous agenda for country.

Anti India speeches and and activities was done over there on that time even the slogan of Khalistan Jindabad slogans raised there. Indian embassy has been attacked in Canada and they took out the Indian flags and put their own flags.

Not only, even Indian flags have been destroyed. Still, Canada government is not completely against Khalistani’s and supporting them instead.

Palestine Supporters Rally in Birmingham, UK

On the Birmingham Street, UK, a group of Palestine supporters flaging the march in support of Palestine despite the ban on 9 Oct after the Israel-Hamas attack.

In a recent, a man in the UK took down Isreal flag and replaced with Palestinian flag.

As per UK officials islamist terrorism is the greatest threat to national security.

“The people who support Hamas are fully responsible for this appalling attack. They are not militants. They are not freedom fighters. They are terrorists. My message tonight from Finchley United Synagogue where I joined @chiefrabbi in vigil with local communities,” Sunak posted on X, formerly Twitter.

UK and USA are key partners in the fighting against terrorism and their cooperation towards each other is excellent. The UK terrorism threat level was at the highest third highest rating for most of 2020.

In 2020, some terrorism activities took place in UK like on January 9, February 2, June 20 after that The UK Government is Working on strengthening their border security.

Australia’s opera house Sydney protestors

In Australia’s opera house Sydney protestors show their support to Palestine. A group of people flagging the march in Sydney in support of Palestine.

Since 1991, there are many terrorist activities have been took place in Australia like shooting, bombing, stabbing.

The recent terrorism activity firebombing took place in Australia 17 and 23 November 2022. The country was affected by the terrorism activities many times.

French Protesters Gather to Support Palestinians Despite Ban

A massive protests is seen in France by Palestine supporters. French Protesters Gather to Support Palestinians Despite Ban in France.

France is taking action with its partners to enhance International cooperation fighting with terrorism.

France is also highly affected with terrorism activities like bombing, shooting, RPG attack, stabbing. A recent terrorist attacks in 2022 in November and December by islamist terrorist.


Isreal palestine war become a global issue in all over the world. People from Islamic religions flaging the march in support of Palestinians in different countries. They are supporting the Palestine just the name of religion but this terror attack is not part of religion an islamist people should not support it because supporting terrorism is not good for them too.

“Think today or tomorrow will be too late”

“Lets come together to stop terrorism because humanity is the biggest religion’.

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