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How to Promote Your Tech Business with Email Marketing

Email Marketing for tech business

Email marketing has become one of the most effective marketing strategies, especially for tech companies. We think its usefulness will only continue to increase as time passes.

But this doesn’t mean that mindlessly bombarding people with spam emails will get you sales. There’s a certain tact to successfully running an email marketing campaign, and this blog will help you get started. Here are some of the basics to promoting your tech business via email. 

Use a catchy subject line

This may sound like an obvious tip but it’s an important one. Your email’s subject line determines whether the receiver will bother opening it or not. Try to make it as simple, straightforward, and easily understandable as possible. 

A common misconception is that emails absolutely must be written in formal language, but it’s okay sometimes to make a lighthearted joke or pun. Punny email subjects have a higher chance of getting opened than a boring subject that’s strictly business. You might want to make sure that the person in charge of your email marketing has a quick wit to help them out! The best subject lines usually have these traits:

  • Real promises – you deliver exactly what you claim to. 
  • Precise – no fluff whatsoever.
  • Call to action – use active voice to encourage immediate action.
  • Creative – pull out the puns!

Make your emails look professional

Why spend all your creative juices on your social media marketing and leave nothing for the poor emails? Email marketing can be just as exciting to execute. 

Having an attractively designed and well written email will completely revolutionize your response rate! We would recommend using online corporate email templates to save time and resources while also getting professional email designs. 

Hiring a graphic designer to plan every single email you need to send out is too much of a hassle so the smarter decision is utilizing free online resources. They are super convenient and you can browse through hundreds of options until you find something to suit your aesthetic. Plus you can add pictures, links, and buttons to make the email more interactive. Remember, the goal here is to keep your customer hooked from start to end. 

Segment your audience

Everyone in your audience is not the same. Once you recognize that there are different groups of people within your customer base, you can start catering to them better.

As a tech business, you will always have clients with varying levels of tech expertise, and different needs. Some people may want news, some may want events, and some are probably sitting in wait for a discount coupon (or maybe all three). It’s up to you to recognize these different groups so people only get the mail they want to receive. 

You can create audience segments based on a lot of things like demographics, region, interests, or even their profession. When emails are relevant, people are much more likely to click through and not mark you as spam. 

Send emails at the right time 

Just like people post on social media during the peak hours, the same strategy should be used while sending out emails. You need to really know your audience to get an accurate idea of when they are more likely to see your email and respond to it. 

People are generally less responsive towards the end of the week, and even in the last few hours of the working day when they start getting burnt out. You might also want to look into segmenting your mailing lists based on time zones so that you aren’t accidentally sending emails to people at 3 a.m.

Let people opt-in or opt-out

If you have a mailing list that is extremely difficult to get out of, there’s a high chance you will annoy all your customers away. Giving people the option to easily opt in and out of your mailing lists will help them choose exactly which updates they want to receive. Here are a few things you can do to tackle unresponsive emails:

  • Automatically remove people who have reached a certain number of unopened emails and let them know they will have to opt-in again later if they want further updates.
  • Give people the opportunity to be added to a less frequent mailing list to only receive high priority updates. 
  • Create variants in newsletter subscriptions i.e. weekly or monthly etc. 

Wrapping it up

Email marketing, done correctly, can connect you to thousands of new potential customers who you probably wouldn’t reach otherwise. The key is quality, not quantity. A few thoughtfully curated emails can give you better results than dozens of haphazard emails. 

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