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Step-by-Step Guide to Create an Email Newsletter for Free

Create an Email Newsletter for Free

Do you want to Create an Email Newsletter for Free with your blog, website, or eCommerce store?

Keeping your users informed, bringing them back to your site, and converting them into customers is easier with an email newsletter.

Beginners often find it difficult to create an email newsletter. It’s mostly because they feel it will be too time-consuming or technically challenging.

In the past, that was true, but now an email newsletter can be created by anyone, even if you aren’t tech-savvy!

After generating a large number of email subscribers using our email newsletter, we created steps on how to create an email newsletter with an ultimate guide.

We aim to guide you through the process and help you set up your email newsletter correctly.

Exactly what is a newsletter?

Newsletters are marketing emails sent periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to subscribers. It is usually designed to highlight the latest news about an organization or to offer educational content about a particular subject.

Why You Should Create an Email Newsletter

Email newsletters serve a variety of purposes, depending on your business. You can use it to drive sales by featuring products and offering coupons. Through helpful tips and information, you can connect with customers. In addition, you can increase traffic to your website or social media following.

The best email campaigns are tailored both to your needs and to those of your users.

How Does an Email Newsletter Work?

Email newsletters are more than company updates. This is a way to engage people and encourage them to take action. By offering readers exclusive content, then leads to them clicking, buying, or subscribing.

For that reason, make sure your newsletter is easy to read and attractive.

How to Create an Email Newsletter for Free

Follow these 9 steps to create an email newsletter for free for your business or personal goals.

Step 1: Determine the purpose of your newsletter.

Make sure you know exactly how your newsletter will fit into your larger content strategy before you start writing the first word. (You already have one in place? Then go to the next section.)

Is the purpose of your newsletter to generate leads? You want to get more email contacts, right? Would you like to send visitors to your site? Decide what your goal is and let the rest of your decisions flow from that.

It’s important to keep in mind that your goal should extend beyond “how many people opened it.”

Step 2: Collect your content.

You’ll find content for your newsletter when you have a clear goal in mind. In the time between two emails, you may be able to find content actively or passively, depending on how early you set your newsletter’s goal and how often you plan to send this newsletter. You’re actively seeking content that will solve a particular problem. By passive, we mean you’ll stumble upon it when browsing for other content, but realize it would be a good fit.

Step 3: Create your template.

Before writing copy, think about the layout of your newsletter. Thus, you’ll know exactly how much space you have for promoting a piece of content — nothing is more frustrating than trying to fit copy into a confined space.

Newsletters with just a couple of paragraphs and a bit of color formatting will still look great. You only need to design your email so that recipients can read, scan, and click on elements.

Step 4: You should adjust the size of your e-mail newsletter.

Email newsletters do not automatically resize when sent to subscribers. However, since people open their email on the device and email service of their choice, how is one supposed to know the size of or resolution of the email?

In most cases, your email newsletter will be 600 pixels wide by default, plus 30 pixels on all sides of the body. The content inside your newsletter might not remain intact when this happens. Your newsletter design needs to fit within this universal 600px width, so make sure it does.

Step 5: Enter your body content.

Now we will fill in the words and pictures in the template. Spend time perfecting your email newsletter’s content. Some well-known newsletters opt to use longer copies to encourage click-throughs, but most use the shorter copy.

Step 6: Add custom tokens and smart content.

The best email newsletters I receive feel as if they were personalized for me – as if a friend took the time to put together an e-mail with only things I would enjoy. I open, click, and share them almost every time.

You should do these things to make your newsletters feel more personal:

  • Send emails to groups of people who will enjoy your content.
  • You can add tokens for personalization. This can be a really easy thing to implement that could have a huge impact on your conversion rate if your marketing software supports personalization. Having said that, only add a few personalization tokens to your emails — you don’t want to creep out your recipients. 

Step 7: Select the sender name and subject line.

The sender name of a real person can increase opens and click-throughs, no matter how different your audience is. A/B testing may work for you, too. Choose something that recipients will recognize, so they do not wonder what you’re doing.

Step 8: Test different web browsers and email services.

Despite what may appear to be the same on Gmail, Outlook will not display the same code as Gmail in Chrome. To test your emails, you need to use the most popular email providers and browsers.

Step 9: Email your newsletter.

It’s crunch time! Now that you’ve made sure all your recipients have subscribed to receive your email and your email is brand- and legally compliant, you’re ready to hit send. Let the data come in.


This is the complete guide on what is a newsletter and how you can Create an Email Newsletter for Free.

It is not necessary to have technical skills to send a newsletter for your business, contrary to popular belief. As a result, you are ready to begin sending now.

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