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Top 10 Best Business Plan Software in 2021

Best Business Plan Software

A great idea can be turned into a legitimate and convincing business plan with the help of the best business plan software. With business plan software, you can write a business plan that will help you get business capital or loans. Startups, entrepreneurs, and business developers often use the software.

The following is a list of the top 10 best business plan software for 2021.

1. nTask

In terms of business planning, nTask exceeds the norm in several significant ways. It’s true that you can plan your business or whatever project you are working on, but the best part comes in bursts from nTask’s robust planning features. nTask goes beyond simply being a business planning software. Project managers, home users, contractors, and multinational companies can use the program to manage their daily workflows.

As a result, this tool is doing a great job.. All of this is topped off with competitive pricing and a Gantt Chart that you can use to manage deadlines and create task dependencies. nTask also allows you to set up multiple workspaces to streamline different projects at the same time.

Features of nTask

  • A single app to manage multiple teams, workspaces, and projects
  • Besides coordinating projects with multiple users, it offers real-time team collaboration as well
  • The nTask app also allows users to create, organize, assign and manage unlimited tasks.

2. Enloop – Automatically write business plans online

An online business plan software called Enloop is available in the cloud. Nearly 300,000 users make it a good option to consider if you want to create an investment plan in a short amount of time that is tailored to a bank or investor. Enloop also helps you make a convincing plan faster and more easily than ever before.

Features of Enloop

  • With AutoWrite and TextSync, your business plan is automatically generated, including 10 of the most important sections.
  • Business plans in Enloop can be based on a variety of forecast modules. 

3. ProofHub

With ProofHub, you can manage projects and collaborate with others.ProofHub’s team collaboration tools go beyond project planning. Centralizing and securing your teams, projects, and communications is easy with this tool. 

Features of ProofHub

  • Creating a new template or using one that already exists is possible.
  • Plan your project effectively with Gantt charts that include timelines, dependencies, and more. 

4. Bizplan- Build your plan and grow your business

Your business plan presentation is made easier with Bizplan. To make your plans more memorable, the software incorporates functionality and refined visuals. Creating a business plan that attracts investors can help you acquire funding for your company.

Features of Bizplan

  • The purpose of financial projections is to present a solid financial case for your business idea.
  • With Bizplan’s step-by-step builder, you can easily create a business plan.

5. LivePlan – A business plan software with performance tracking

LivePlan from Palo Alto Software has been available for a while, and there is a reason why many people still consider it the best option. There are numerous customizable features in addition to learning resources and online help in this software.

Features of LivePlan

  • You can include all the data you need for your projections with LivePlan’s financial forecasting features. This feature allows you to create annual and monthly budgets.
  • Visual aids such as charts and graphs can be created using LivePlan’s Charts and Graphs tool.

6. GoSmallBiz – The tool that provides everything your small business needs

The GoSmallBiz application offers easy-to-understand templates with integrated advice modules and a user-friendly interface. As a business owner, GoSmallBiz makes it easy to create the documents you need.

Features of GoSmallBiz

  • The GoSmallBiz business plan wizard guides you through each step of the process.
  • Through the financial projection feature, GoSmallBiz provides everything you need to create financial statements

7. PlanGuru – A leading business planning software

Planning and budgeting software such as PlanGuru is among the most widely used. It, therefore, acts more like a business plan developer than a financial report provider. However, PlanGuru has landed a place in our list of top picks due to the features it offers.

Features of PlanGuru

  • You can build an array of analysis reports for your company with its tools for financial tools, forecasts, and calculations
  • You can use PlanGuru’s built-in video tutorials to help you navigate not just the software, but also the process of creating your business plan.

8. BizPlanBuilder

Formerly known as JIAN, BizPlanBuilder has been around for more than 30 years. Later, they adopted a different brand name. However, the tool can be used for either growth strategy planning or fundraising.

Features of BusinessPlanBuilder

  • Using the BizPlanBuilder workshop, you will better understand what investors are looking for in your business plan.
  • Creates a pitch deck for you.
  • Ability to create a financial model for five or ten years.

 9. IdeaBuddy – A tool to plan and develop a business model

With IdeaBuddy, you can plan out your business from an initial idea to an investor-ready business plan. Entrepreneurs can also use IdeaBuddy to develop and validate their business concepts, develop business models, establish business plans, and develop business models. The business guide helps them better understand the planning process and ensures they have thought of everything.

Features of IdeaBuddy

  • You can quickly sketch out your business plan with Idea Plan. Using their business canvas, you can build a business model by posting ideas until you’ve covered all the elements.
  • The Business Guide is a step-by-step guide that takes you through five stages of business planning. Throughout the process, you can consult guides and tips that will help you plan out each stage perfectly.
  • The financial plan helps you get accurate financials without having to do any tedious math. 

10. Cuttles – Startup Idea Building

It’s simpler, faster, and more impactful than ever before to plan and start a startup with Cuttles’ SaaS-based educational and interactive platform. You can use this tool to create beautiful presentations and share information with investors and stakeholders. Also, you can create a business plan with this application and see your financial statements.

Features of Cuttles

  • You can create a best-practice, personalized, and amazing-looking business plan in no time using Cuttles’ guided and powerful editor. Stay on course regardless of weather conditions by planning and structuring your work. Establish milestones and tasks, prioritize what to build, and monitor your progress.
  • Also, keep all of your key financials on hand to keep track of your stakeholders.

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