Top 10 Best Online Earning Apps In India

Online Earning Apps

Want to know Online Earning Apps? Would you like to earn money in your spare time? Are you a smartphone owner? Using money-earning apps on your smartphone is possible if you answer yes to these questions. These apps can help you earn money while you’re idle. It does not matter if you are a student, a working professional, retired, or a homemaker – you can make money with money earning apps. In this article, you will learn about 15 of the best money earning apps available in India.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

In India, Google opinion rewards is one of the best apps for earning real money. In every digital market, Google has a foothold. That’s why they’re so ubiquitous these days!

Anyhow, Google Opinion Rewards is usually overlooked when discussing money-making apps in the country. It’s a very straightforward app. It pays you for the time and effort you put into consolidating user-generated data. Google presents these surveys at random, based on the popularity of searches and public interest. 

2. Dream 11

Play fantasy games like cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball on Dream 11. You select users to build fantasy teams of cricketers competing in a particular event in the fantasy cricket game from Dream 11. During the real matches, your selected players earn points.

The league calculates points after each game, and you can compare your performance to others in the league. Each time you win, the winnings are deposited into your bank account.

3. Meesho

This app helps you sell products online and is one of India’s best money earning apps. The app allows you to select a product and promote it on social media. If it is sold, you receive a share of the profits.

4. Roz Dhan

The literal translation from Hindi is daily money. Speed is a key factor in making money with this app, and money moves quickly. Once you sign up, you can start earning money right away! A code (similar to a coupon) ensures you receive rewards.

Roz Dhan is a money-making app in India that uses Paytm wallet to credit your earnings. This app has a seamless user experience. It is available on Android.

5. MooCash

Earn $5 a day with MooCash. Play games, watch videos, and fill out surveys. As a recharge voucher or as cash, you can receive the money. This app even lets you earn cryptocurrency.

6. UserFeel

By using this app, you can earn a quick buck while also being highly productive. UserFeel is all about helping website owners assess UI/UX strengths.

You receive 10 dollars for every site you successfully evaluate. Payment is mainly made through PayPal. Obviously, the surveys are extensive, so you’ll have to work hard for them! You can download UserFeel from Google Play.

7. mCent

Mobile users in India love this app as well. mCent’s primary focus is generating money rewards for its users through referrals. With mCent, you can also earn free recharges for your mobile phone. By using their affiliate links or downloading particular apps, you can earn money. Your Paytm account will be credited with this money. Referring friends can also earn you money. The app is available for Android and iOS.

8. CouponDunia

Despite the fact that this isn’t technically a money-making app, it provides a significant amount of cashback value. By saving money on deals, you can easily gain immense value through specific coupons. The first time you register, you get *50, and for every referral you bring in, you get Rs. 25. In addition to Amazon and Flipkart, CouponDunia mostly targets e-commerce websites. Both Android and iOS versions are available.

9. U Speak We Pay

Earning money this way is interesting. Select an Indian language and speak what you see on the screen. You are given money when you have finished reading. The money goes to your bank account.

10. TaskBucks

You earn cash rewards by completing simple tasks in this app. It is usually necessary to download suggested apps, view promotional ads, and refer other people to earn big. Referrals are the fastest way to earn money. You can chain referrals together to increase your bonus. Referrals can earn you almost Rs. 70 in a single day. There is an Android version of TaskBucks.


With the current economic climate in India, money making apps are on the rise of late. Digital marketing is just another niche that is gaining traction. You can make some good money if you’re opportunistic enough!

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