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Top 10 Golden Franchise Opportunities in COVID-19 Era

Franchise Opportunities

This can be an excellent time for business acquisitions and franchise opportunities. You will also be able to find the right location, the right spot, and cheaper rentals during this time. Those seeking a retail business will also be able to take advantage of this opportunity. At this point, brands are also solicitous of offering special offers, special structures; or at least a lot of waivers for the first 5-6 months until the business stabilizes.

Thus, here are 10 golden franchise opportunities in the COVID-19 period if you are interested in investing in a business.

1. CP Vet: The world’s largest veterinary chain with a huge customer base

CP Vet is a division of Centre Point Pet Hospital Private Limited. After the first expansion, the name was changed to Centre Point Pet Hospital in 2011, following a 2007 start as Centre Point Pet Clinic. Additionally, it changed to “CPVet” in 2013. It’s a brand that provides quality healthcare for pets at a level comparable to that of humans.

With over 15 outlets in Delhi/NCR, CP Vet has a team of 14 doctors and more than 60 para-vets and management staff. Franchise opportunities are also excellent.

The business model involves retail sales, spa salon services, and veterinary care.

Financials Requirement:

  • Model for unit franchises
  • Approximately 300-1200 sq. ft.
  • 12-50 lakhs as investment

2. Vigad’s Khadi: A brand you can trust for 100% natural products

Khadi is a real, authentic Ayurvedic product, made with original, time-tested, balanced prescriptions. Brands, such as Everyday Herbal Beauty Care, are among India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of 100% natural, handmade personal care products. Franchise opportunities are therefore plentiful

You will need the following financial resources:

  • The required area is 250 square feet
  • Rs 12 lakh investment
  • Expansion – Pan India
  • 30% Product Margin

3. Hutk: A brand that promotes Indian folk art with apparel and handicrafts

Having already made a name for itself in the global market, HUTK is now looking to expand into the domestic market. Additionally, they have conducted several validations of their hypothesis to see if their products are accepted by consumers. Established in 2015, HUTK also promotes folk art.

Business Model – Kiosk and also Shop

Requirements for finances:

  • 100-300 square feet
  • Investment – Rs 4-8.5 lakh
  • Expansion – Pan India
  • Franchise Free – Rs 3 lakh and 4 lakh

4. Absolute Foods: Soil-free greenhouses, pesticide-free fruits, and vegetables

A fresh fruit and vegetable brand, Absolute Foods, is building a network of precise, preserved, controlled farms. In addition to growing residue-free and non-GMO fruits and vegetables, it also aims to increase consumer health. As compared to conventional greenhouses, absolute technology allows for a higher yield per acre.

Additionally, you can earn up to 24% tax-free returns by investing in a recession-proof industry. Agronomists and power systems will be provided by Absolute, plus a 100% buyback guarantee on the products will be provided. Haldiram’s, P-flag USA, and Nandigram Labs are also investors in Absolute Foods.

Requirements for finances:

  • Franchising Type – Polyhouses/Net houses
  • A 2-acre agricultural plot
  • 65/40 lakhs investment
  • Payback Period – 2 years 6 months
  • The Asset Life is 9 years
  • Value Returned – 2.5-3 crore in 9 years

5. Mindmap: India’s first skilling incubator & No.1 skilling brand

Founded in 2006, Mindmap Consulting has a value system centered around customer-centricity. Aside from its recruitment services, the company also provides accounting support and training. As well as providing recruitment support, corporate L&D, CSR facilitation, and Digital Content Creation, Mindmap is a digital-focused company with deep subject matter expertise across BFSI, F&A, Healthcare, Travel, Utilities, Retail, and also Transport.

Requirements for finances:

  • The investment is 13 lakh rupees
  • 1320 square feet
  • Expansion – Pan India

6. Neulife: A recognized and effective representative of UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine’s international representative is Neulife International Education. The most trusted consultant in the Philippines for overseas education is Neolife International Education.

Requirements for finances:

  • Rs 8 lakh investment
  • 500 square feet
  • Fee for franchising – Rs 2 lakh
  • Expansion – Pan India

7. Crewlter: Korean alkaline water ionizer most likely to be a mystery

The Alkaline Water Ionizer is a futuristic device. As a result, Crewlter is the leading provider of state-of-the-art and highly effective water ionizers. The products are made using the best and also highest quality raw materials. To ensure that our valued clients only receive the best products, its staff of quality control is globally certified.

Additionally, the high-quality products have earned abroad an ever-increasing client base. Their technological prowess in the realm of water ionizers has also earned them an enviable reputation.

Requirements for finances:

  • 15-20 lakhs as investment
  • 200-300 square feet
  • Fee for franchising – Rs 2 lakh

8. Nagpal Chole Bhature: Serving delicious snacks since 1980

The Indian Food Services sector includes Nagpal Chole Bhature, a chained takeaway outlet. Furthermore, it has six branch offices in Delhi/NCR as well as an integrated backend system. It also plans to introduce unique quality, taste, and service across India. In addition to using homemade masala, Nagpal Chole Bhature offers quality and taste to its dishes.

As well as scaling up its operations faster, Nagpal Chole Bhature aims to improve its work environment. The company now wants to leverage its backend through franchising. It also hopes to expand in selected regions of Delhi/NCR, Chandigarh, and Jaipur. It has also closed down outlets in areas with high foot traffic.

Requirements for finances:

  • 200-250 square feet
  • Rs 20-21 lakh investment
  • Fee for the franchise – Rs 5 lakh
  • Payback – 1 year 5 months

9. FedEx: An American multinational delivery service company

More than 220 countries and territories are served by the company’s fast and reliable express transportation service. As well as its air and ground networks, FedEx Express provides money-back guarantees on time-sensitive shipments that are delivered on a definite date and at a definite time.

FedEx began franchising in 2012. Its retail outlet’s number 879 and its franchise outlets number 709.

Requirements for finances:

  • 200 square feet
  • Investment – 3 lakh SD*1 lakh
  • Expansion – Pan India

10. Source Supplements: Franchise Opportunities Store in Mumbai

Founded in 2013, Source Supplements is a well-established and advanced health supplement brand. The Source Supplements brand was developed for gym-goers, health-conscious people, and the business manufactures, distributes, and retailers premium health supplements. It also operates a retail store with a large product line in Mumbai under the brand Names Supplements. Franchise opportunities are also excellent.

Requirements for finances:

  • Rs 10 lakh investment
  • 200 square feet
  • Expansion – Pan India

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