Boosting Innovation in India’s Supply Chain: P&G Sets Aside Rs 300 Crore Fund for Startups

P&G fund startups

P&G Rs 300 crore fund for Indian startups is a game changer in the country’s supply chain industry. Learn more about how innovation is being fueled by this exciting new investment opportunity.

Introducing a Rs 300 crore fund for startups by P&G co-creating solutions for a modern supply chain ecosystem, FMCG maker Procter & Gamble India announced Thursday. According to a statement from the company, P&G Supply Chain Catalyst Fund will allow startups and innovators to collaborate with the company on customizing business solutions, accelerating its journey towards Supply 3.0 initiatives.

It is part of a Rs 1,800 crore commitment to business solutions through vGROW, where Gillette, Whisper, Vicks invest in small businesses, individuals, and large organizations.

It is in line with the Prime Minister’s Gati Shakti initiative, which aims to enhance seamless movement of goods and services in the country through targeted interventions.

CEO of P&G India Subcontinent L V Vaidyanathan said the fund is focused on co-creating innovative solutions that enhance the very backbone of the company’s operations.

Focused interventions in the supply chain will have a positive impact on our overall priorities, including constructive disruption and productivity,” he said.

P&G India launched vGROW six years ago as a platform to foster collaboration and partnerships with external partners and suppliers, solve business challenges, and provide a breeding ground fund for startups in India.

The fund has so far committed Rs 1,800 crore to business solutions through vGROW. By raising the bar on constructive disruption, we will better serve consumers, customers, and communities by cultivating a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo,” Vaidyanathan said.

From creative agencies to technology partners to material suppliers, P&G engages with over 2,300 suppliers through the vGROW platform, including startups, small businesses, and large organizations.

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