Improve Freelance Success With An Accountability Partnership

freelance success accountability partner

An accountability partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship between two people that provide support to each other in developing and meeting their individual goals and commitments.

This type of partnership can be effective in assisting you to achieve many different kinds of goals such as a personal physical fitness goal, a charitable fundraising goal, or the goals that you establish as a freelancer to improve the health and success of your business, which is the subject of this article.

Establishing an accountability partnership can truly increase your productivity and facilitate the growth and success of your freelance career.

How can working with an accountability partner help me to be more successful?

Freelance work is often chosen by individuals that want to have the ability to make their own decisions about what type of work they choose to perform, who they choose to perform work for, and when and where they choose to perform this work.

Typically, freelance workers spend most of their time working alone, Although there are many benefits to working alone, there are also challenges such as the unintentional limitations that can occur when you are solely responsible for establishing your long-term vision, setting your own goals, and assessing your completed work through your perspective alone.

When making day to day decisions that can affect your long-term success as a freelance worker, there is definitely benefit in sharing your ideas and plans with others to broaden your perspective. This is especially true for individuals that were previously employed by a company as part of a team and are now trying to adjust to freelance work.

Establishing a relationship with an accountability partner can provide the opportunity for both parties to share their ideas with one another and to receive insight from one another’s perspectives. This enables each of you to become more innovative in establishing long-term objectives and short-term goals and to achieve them.

Additionally, your productivity will likely increase once you begin to share your commitments with each other and agree to meet established goals, For most of us, it’s in our nature to become more motivated to meet commitments once we have openly agreed with others to meet these commitments (it’s much easier to allow yourself to procrastinate or delay if you’re the only person that knows a commitment is not being met).

To increase motivation, even more, partners can add a loss aversion as a factor linking some sort of cost or stakes to the agreement. If the partner does not meet the agreed-upon goal, there is some sort of cost to that partner. An example of this that ActionBuddy provides is requiring the partner to give money to something or someone they don’t like if they fail to keep their commitment. This concept is called loss aversion.

How can I find a good accountability partner?

You might consider who you’ve worked within the past on projects that are similar to the work you are either performing now or plan to perform as part of your long-term vision.

You should select someone that is serious about growing their business and pursuing their own personal goals and someone that will not accept excuses from you for not reaching your own personal goals. You can also consider using a service provider (such as ActionBuddy) for assistance in finding an accountability partner.

How to build a good accountability partnership?

One of the most important aspects of being a good partner is to listen to understand and to be agreeable and supportive of your partner’s values and long-term vision. When offering counsel, focus on supporting your partner’s vision and established goals instead of thinking in terms of modifying these goals.

You should also make yourself available to meet with your partner at regular intervals to discuss progress toward established goals, to establish new or the next set of goals once initial goals are achieved, and to give and receive feedback from one another.

In addition to discussing goals, the discussion can be broadened to include general industry changes and developments as they occur to determine if there are new opportunities matters that may be of benefit to consider.

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