6 Easy Steps To Become an Amazon Seller Business in 2022

Become an Amazon Seller

As third-party platforms emerge, sellers no longer have to create their own websites. These platforms are so effective that their entire businesses are built around them. Amazon is one of the most popular platforms. So, are you also thinking to Become an Amazon Seller? 

How does Amazon FBA work?

Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service where Amazon fulfillment centers store, pack, and ship orders, as well as process returns and exchanges. These fulfillment centers allow you to ship your products to them for a flat monthly fee, plus a selling fee. This larger team is responsible for handling actual shipping, tracking and customer service, allowing you to potentially scale your business and reach more customers.

You will find in this guide all of the requirements and steps you will need to take to find success.

Here’s what you need to do before you sell

As a seller on Amazon, you need a business plan if you want to succeed. Taking the time to plan is just as important as other steps. It’s not as exciting as the other steps, but it’s just as important.

#1 Decide what your business model 

Decide what type of business you will run before you become an Amazon seller. It is important to ask yourself two very important questions: how are you going to acquire your products and how are you going to get them to your customers.

It is possible to source products in several ways. Purchasing goods from local retail stores that are selling for a lower price than what they do on Amazon and reselling them for a profit is known as retail arbitrage. Beginners might like this, but it’s not very scalable.

You should purchase your products from wholesalers or manufacturers if you are serious about building a business. Even make your own private label products when you purchase from manufacturers.

You can fulfill your orders in two ways:

  • Merchant-fulfilled: The merchant stores their own products and ships them directly to customers.
  • Using Amazon Fulfilled: You ship all your inventory to Amazon to have it stored in their warehouses, and they fulfill all your orders for you.

Decide which model best suits your needs by doing your research.

#2 Become a member of an Amazon community

You can learn a lot from this. The benefit of being a member of a community is that it not only provides great information, but it also keeps you informed about the market. Perhaps most important, you will be able to ask any questions you have to the more experienced sellers.

#3 Establish a budget

To get your business off the ground, you’ll have to buy some tools and stock. Take this investment as a business investment. If you grow, you’ll need to keep launching new products and spending money on inventory.

Establish the amount of money you can afford and a budget for all the costs (inventory, tools, marketing, etc.). Stay within your budget to avoid running into trouble down the road.

#4 You Need to Be Realistic

The success stories of new Amazon sellers are so inspiring that it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. Yet this isn’t always the case.

The returns won’t be huge right away. During the initial stages of your product’s rise to the top, hard work is required to become a successful seller. You’ll have to work to maintain the Best Seller’s tag even if you have one.

Plan for every scenario your business will face, since there will be ups and downs. If you encounter a rough patch, you won’t be discouraged. In spite of that, if you work hard and do the right things, you should be able to build a profitable business in just a few months.

#5. Develop a product listing

In order to add your items to the platform, you must create product listings. This process consists of several steps. You must upload high-quality images. Take advantage of free shipping for Prime members if your products are eligible for it. You can manually list fewer items if you don’t have many. A spreadsheet containing each of your items can be uploaded if you have many items. Make your product listing appealing by providing enough information about your items.

#6. Organize your inventory

Inventory management is a priority for Amazon FBA sellers. A high level of inventory is crucial. Manage your inventory properly and replenish it regularly. You must make sure you have enough inventory to sell and keep the product available for sale.

As orders are placed on Amazon, your inventory level will decrease automatically. Update your inventory level regularly so that the product listing page shows the item’s availability. An inventory and sales integration system can help you do this easily.

To replenish your inventory, place orders from suppliers if you see the item is running out of stock.


Those are the steps to becoming an Amazon seller. Customers always come first for the company. Your business will grow much faster if you sell on their marketplace, taking advantage of their reputation. 

Your recipe for consistent five- or six-figure income is hard work, an initial investment, and the right tools.

Remember that things are constantly changing as you begin your journey as an online entrepreneur. Continue to learn and absorb new information. If you do this, you’ll be able to adapt and build a business that’s super profitable for years to come.

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