The Ultimate Guide to Opening an Etsy Shop

Opening an Etsy Shop

Wouldn’t opening an Etsy Shop be the best idea if you enjoy creating products and interacting with customers? Opening an Etsy shop is a wonderful experience. It is so simple, almost anyone can do it. So, today, we’re going to share how you can easily set up your first Etsy shop. Would you like to learn how? Read on!

Preparation is the first step

It’s a bummer. But listen to us! Do your research before you jump into any venture. And. Research properly. Don’t worry, we have some great content (listed throughout this post) to assist you. When you are done reading this post, jot down some notes and list out some tasks you will need to complete.

What is the cost of selling on Etsy?

That’s a great question! According to rumors, selling items on Etsy costs a lot of money, but that is simply false. Every time you post an item, there is a small fee. Etsy manages all of the services for you (like advertising, legal stuff, technical assistance, and more).

Selling on Etsy: How to Decide What to Sell

When opening an Etsy shop, most people have an idea of what they wish to sell. You can still consider these questions if you are unsure.

  • Is your goal to sell physical products or digital products?
  • How do you enjoy creating?
  • As a hobby, are you currently making anything that you might sell?
  • Are there other Etsy shops you find interesting that sell similar products?
  • Can you tell me about a product that you are currently creating to solve your own problem or question? Is it beneficial to others?

Merchandising Secrets for Etsy (Example: Printable)

Would you consider selling printables or digital items on Etsy? Here are the top secrets and tips:

  • You can solve a problem or answer a question using a printable. How often do you need to solve a problem with a worksheet or paper product? Do you already create worksheets for yourself?
  • Publish a blog to help promote your products and show how to use them – this will go a long way! It’s super simple – we can’t recommend it enough.
  • Make sure your items come in a variety of sizes. Your audience becomes much larger this way. You can buy letters, A4, A5, half-letters, and personal size (but there are TONS more out there…)
  • Give your listings a variety of colors to keep things interesting
  • Your products should contain a “Printing Guide”
  • Create .zip files of all of your printables (these will be what you upload to your listings).
  • You should add FAQs to the listing AND the Thank You email (including the instructions for printing, downloading, and so on).
  • You will instead be assisting customers in troubleshooting computer and digital issues while not shipping physical items. Make sure you schedule time for this.

The Best Way to Create Printable Images

The following are the top tips for creating printable item photos for your shop:

  • Import the PDF images into Microsoft Powerpoint to create icons for your pages. When you have the pages in a pattern you like, select all of them, right-click, and then select “Save as Image”
  • You should stick to 3-4 colors for your background and lettering (these separate you from others).
  • To create your finished product listing images, import the icons from Powerpoint into Canva.
  • One of your photos should be suitable for being used as the product’s “cover photo”

What to Include in an Item Description

Now let’s talk about item descriptions. You should jam-pack your item description with as much information as possible. The following are some questions and topics you might want to consider:

  • Describe, describe, and describe the product’s features and benefits
  • Differentiating characteristics of the product, including its color, size, shape, and format
  • The importance of highlighting unique features
  • Can you tell me what’s in this product (is it a single item or a bundle of items?)
  • What is the purpose of this item? List a few ideas
  • Would the buyer receive this product physically? Are there any shipping policies with you, and where can I find them
  • Is this an electronic item? Tell them you will not be sending anything physical in multiple places if this is the case
  • What you need to know about ordering
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Shop Policies and Terms of Service

Legal Stuff and Taxes

Starting an Etsy Shop can range dramatically in terms of taxes and legal fees. States, countries, and sizes of businesses differ according to their size. You don’t have to worry about most of this on Etsy. However, I am by no means an expert in this field. Do your research before opening a store, and check out resources to get started!

Opening an Etsy shop: Etsy Marketing 101

Marketing has many facets. Marketing is a whole college degree!! Etsy, however, has some things that you should know.

In the first place, Etsy adds your listing to its search engine once you post it. You might even show up on the first page of search results if you keyword your image correctly! Aside from being featured on Etsy, your item may also appear on Google. Once again, it’s all about keywords.

It is also possible to boost your reach by investing in Etsy Ads or promoting your shop through Facebook or Instagram.

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