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Are coronavirus drugs harmful to animals?

fish dead due to coronavirus drugs

Hundreds of fishes are found in the dead condition due to coronavirus drugs found while floating into the river. Many coronavirus drugs were released into the river and many fish were found dead due to coronavirus drugs.

It occurs in Jammu and Kashmir Doda district. The officials of Jammu and Kashmir ordered an inquiry against this crime.

The value of dumped medicines was in lakhs

The cost of medicines was in lakhs of rupees. It was a hospital supply that was abandoned on 8 November at several locations along the Neeru River which killing much fish.

The drug was related to coronavirus

The drugs belong to coronavirus patients, which were seen by many locals, as many fish died suspiciously in the river at the Atal Garh region of Jammu and Kashmir.

The officials are making sure that they take serious action against them. The fact-finding team is involved in this incident, whoever is found behind it will surely punish the Deputy Commissioner said.

The police team and its officers keep investing in hospitals. Hospital officials have claimed that they have not disposed of even expired medicines like this.

Neeru River is a lifeline for its adjacent areas

The Neeru River is a source of potable water, it has also provided water to the fish farm. The Neeru River is a source of wealth for the local people.

According to a resident of the surrounding area, he found hundreds of drug strips of several drugs. Hundreds of floating fishes were suspected dead in the Neeru River due to these drugs.

The name of the drugs is coronavirus medicines which were found in the river.

Some drug names are Azithromycin, Betamethasone, Paracetamol, Zinc tablets that have an expiration date of 2022.

All these drugs are used in the treatment of coronavirus. Coronavirus drugs were dumped into the body of water for an unknown reason. The local people of that area have demanded strict punishment to stop this crime. Fish farm workers also claimed that the mortality rate of fish has suddenly decreased after putting medicine in the river.

It really takes time to clean the water body

They have to work many days because it takes more than a week to collect and remove medicines from the Neeru River. The townspeople are claiming that they found the medicine strips, the hospital is responsible for this. Many fish are found dead.

According to the medical officer, the hospital authority is not responsible for this as the medicines are related to coronavirus drugs. The hospital officers claimed that Medicines for corona virus-positive patients reach their homes.

This is a helpless incident and officials are trying to trace the batch number of drugs recovered from the Neeru river. They will go for a departmental inquiry after a few days.

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