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EU chief banned AstraZeneca exports until the block first supplies

AstraZeneca Coronavirus vaccine exports ban

Coronavirus vaccine is one of the most demanded goods today.

Delay in vaccine shipments created international tension.

Even European countries have the option to ban the planned export of AstraZeneca vaccines.

European countries to AstraZeneca

European countries simply have a message to the company AstraZeneca that you complete your contract with Europe before starting any other countries.

Von der Leyen said in an interview with Germany.

This is a stern warning for the AstraZeneca company of European countries.

As European countries are struggling with the numbers of coronavirus infection cases are increasing.

AstraZeneca delivers only 30% vaccines

The Astra Zeneca company has delivered only 30% of vaccines out of 90 million vaccine doses promising to deliver in the first quarter.

Production of vaccines has been delayed

The company has accused production delays in European countries of its own accord. But the European official said that they were capable of awarding a United States contract.

Well, the European Commission threatens AstraZeneca company – the European Commission has already cited emergency powers to stop European exports of vaccines. European leaders talked about it the following week.

European countries have already inspected the vaccines

Even most of the European Union is worrying about the UK where the vaccination campaign is moving much faster than the European continental one.

Brussels has accused London of operating a de facto export ban to achieve the success of its vaccine, but Boris Johnson has denied the claim.

Well, the export ban must first be approved in an individual member state and later by the European Commission before being implemented.

And this may apply at once as Italy halts the export of 250,000 doses of AstraZeneca to Australia due to supply delays.

Well not every EU supports the export ban. Like some countries are not supporting such as Netherlands and Belgium are not supporting this export ban.

While some countries are supporting this export ban.

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