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The Importance of Travel Insurance for Students: Ensuring Peace of Mind While Studying Abroad

When studying abroad, healthcare costs can be high, making health insurance a necessity. Many universities in areas such as the US, UK and Canada require incoming students to acquire coverage from local providers, usually in partnership with the institution. These policies tend to only provide coverage while on campus or within the host nation’s boundaries.

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Manufacturing Sector Sees Robust Growth with More Job Opportunities in July

As demand remained buoyant in July, the manufacturing sector in India bucked the global trend and reported strong growth. Purchasing Managers’ Index or PMI for India Manufacturing in July was at 57.7, roughly in line with June’s reading of 57.8. As firms increased employment and purchasing activity, output and new orders expanded only marginally softer

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Banking & Insurance Careers Economic & Finance

BFSI Sector Takes the Lead in Fintech Hiring, Prioritizing Employee Satisfaction

A strong increase in hiring activity is expected in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector in the coming year, with companies planning to hiring 26% more people than they do now. According to Great Place To Work’s Best Workplaces in BFSI in 2023 report, fintech firms led the way with a 41% increase

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Top 10 Best Schools in Bangalore

Bangalore, widely regarded as India’s Silicon Valley, boasts a thriving educational landscape that is home to some of the country’s finest schools. With a rich blend of traditional values and cutting-edge teaching methodologies, the best schools in Bangalore have garnered national and international recognition for their academic excellence, holistic development, and nurturing environment. From Indus

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How Non-Tech Companies are Attracting AI Talent with Lucrative Six-Figure Salaries

Developers, engineers, and consultants working with generative artificial intelligence AI are seeing new job opportunities outside of the traditional tech sector. Non-tech firms listed a wide range of salaries — many of which exceeded $100,000 in base pay. There was a salary range of $250,000 to $300,000 listed for a machine learning researcher position at

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10 Best Fashion Design Course: Best Colleges, Fees & Eligibility

Fashion design course and the profession is becoming more and more appealing to today’s generation, making it a popular career choice for many. India’s fashion industry has expanded significantly as a result of the country’s rising middle class and improvements in the manufacturing industry. For those interested in a career in the fashion sector, this

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U.S. Stocks on a Downward Trend Despite Positive ADP Job Reports

After an unexpectedly strong report on private payrolls, U.S. stocks fell Thursday as investors awaited Friday’s ADP job reports. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 343 points or 1% at 9:41 ET (13:41 GMT), while the S&P 500 fell 1% and the NASDAQ Composite fell 1.1%. After the Federal Reserve released the minutes of its

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The Devastating Impact of Layoff and Hiring Dips on India’s IT Industry

In the past year, funding winter has affected startups’ ability to keep up with their pandemic growth story. Many have retreated to make do with less.A multitude of reasons – the need for larger startups to handle public issues, regulatory and other troubles – have forced companies to layoff people this year as well. More

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Top Business Ideas For 2023 That Can Make You Rich 🤑

Estimates place India’s nominal gross domestic product (GDP) for FY22 at Rs. 232.15 trillion (US$ 3.12 trillion). The enormous contribution of countless new firms is reflected in these numbers. This post is perfect for you if you’re looking for the top business ideas for 2023! India has the third-largest unicorn population in the world, with over

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How the Decline of Workplace Efficiency is Affecting the Global Economy

It doesn’t seem like we’re in the middle of a recession despite all the talk. The bars and restaurants are full nationwide. Airlines are bracing for record traffic. People are forking over thousands to see Taylor Swift. Americans are still spending recklessly.but negative forces are pulling the global economy down. There are so many jobs

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