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Tripura govt gives 33% reservation to all women

The govt of Tripura agreed to reserve 33% of any state jobs for all women. The reservation also includes higher educational institutions.  Furthermore, women will get a 3% interest waiver on loans taking admission in Institutions of National Importance.  Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced several women-oriented initiatives on Women’s day 2022.  Moreover, according to […]

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Five top content executives are women at Netflix India

Presently, five of the seven top content executives are women at Netflix India. Vice-president of content at Netflix India, Monika Shergill’s career spans nearly two and a half decades.  Monika joined Netflix India in 2019 and appointed an army of women to head the film and series slate.  The team included Tanya Bami as the […]

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How to Manage Your Online Presence for Your Career?

Do you want to enhance your Online Presence for Your Career? Everyone is connected, which makes it easy for companies and recruiters to find out about prospective employees’ attitudes toward work and determine whether they are suitable for the position. Employers commonly look at social media profiles when searching for applicants online. The results can […]

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Why It’s Important to Keep Your HR Database up to Date

The average human resources department stores literally every piece of information about all employees in a given company. Training, career progression, absenteeism, recruitment, personal development, and productivity data are some of the information you’d find safely packed away in the HR’s data goldmine.  In the past, this data was stored in large physical files and […]

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Why Real Estate Firms Should Partner with Property Management Staffing Agencies

Real estate is one industry that thrived despite the onslaught of the pandemic.  After all, we need a roof above our heads to keep our families and us safe. Added with COVID-19-related precautions to keep socially distanced by staying at home, owning or renting a house, unit, or apartment is a priority for most house […]

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5 MSME Technology Centres completed in 7 years

In 7 years, under the Technology Centre System Programme (TCSP), only 5 MSME technology centres are functioning. In January 2015, the TCSP proposed 15 MSME technology centres.  According to government data, the total programme costs Rs. 2,200 crores and Rs 20 crore assistance from the World Bank. Furthermore, the programme was estimated to end by […]

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The List of Top 30 Ideas for a Business Essay

Essays on a business topic are the tasks that confuse many students. Indeed, there are much fewer problems with writing papers on a literature topic, for example. But what to do in the case when you need to figure out what to write about yourself? The right topic is the key to success. It defines […]

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India’s unemployment rate stoops to 6.57%: CMIE 

As India’s unemployment rate stoops to 6.57%, the urban unemployment rate is 8.16%. According to CMIE, India’s unemployment rate has been the lowest since March 2021.  As per the CMIE report, “While unemployment in urban India stood at 8.16% in January, in rural areas it was the lowest at 5.84% in rural areas. In December, […]

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Top 10 Best Coding Bootcamps to join in 2022

In coding bootcamps, participants are trained in topics such as web development, software design, mobile application development, information technology security, and data science. Technology professionals that want to gain new coding skills and career switchers who are looking to strengthen their existing skill set are typically drawn to these courses. Coding bootcamps often help graduates […]

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How to create a Portfolio Website for yourself?

Do you also want to create a Portfolio Website? Portfolio websites are a great way to catch an employer’s attention and land a new job. To achieve that, however, you must first know how to create an outstanding portfolio. You’ve come to the right place if you’re having trouble making an outstanding portfolio website. Making […]

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