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Japan plans to compensate companies for maintaining the secrecy of sensitive patents

Japan to pay companies to maintain patent secrecy

The Government of Japan plans on introducing new legislation policies. It certainly is a bold move by the Japanese Government to pay hush money to companies for maintaining patent secrecy. The end goal behind preserving the confidentiality of sensitive patents is a simple fact that in Japan, patents are made public after 18 months of the filling process. 

Japan is ready to compensate for nearly 20years of licensing income. Such a bold move reflects the urgency of maintaining the secrecy of sensitive patents. Moreover, any patent that puts even a minute security risk will remain undisclosed. 

The Prime Minister of Japan has kept all patents under review that includes technologies aligned with nuclear weapon development. Protecting the secrecy of sensitive patents comes under the new economic security legislation policies. The Japanese PM has even pledged that ‘he will make nation’s economic security and safety a priority.’ 

Economic security agendas behind Japan’s new Legislative framework 

Japan’s decision to pay hush money is to enhance the secrecy of sensitive patents. Japanese Government wants to ensure the safety of its core economic infrastructure. Moreover, the Prime Minister of Japan intends to review bulk purchases related to financial companies, power grids, and telecommunication networks. 

One can analyze that the Japanese Government has some serious plans for the coming year. The Japanese Prime Minister talked about introducing the legislative framework of new policies to enhance the country’s economic security.

Economic security plans of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in regard to sensitive patents

The fact that maintaining the secrecy of certain patents is just the beginning. Any large-scale operation related to the country’s core infrastructure will have to go through certain levels of assessments—especially infrastructural companies related to telecommunications and power grids. After all, we are all aware that a cyber attack on any country’s secrets can paralyze its entire Government. 

The fact of the matter clearly states that any patent request will have to go through a strict evaluation process. The Government will review its plans to determine if foreign governments influence it. Furthermore, any patent request related to technologies like quantum or nuclear will have strict secrecy policies. After all, it has become vital for any country to protect the secrecy of such sensitive patents. 

In Conclusion

Uncertainties of the worst kinds surround the current world scenario. On the one hand, the world is still recovering from the Coviid crisis. On the other hand, countries like Japan are going through significant political changes to better their economic safety and security. 

Japan plans to secure sensitive patents after carefully analyzing the country’s previous policies. 

Agreeing to the Prime Minister’s concerns, the secretary of Japan’s ruling Democratic party cited, “Japan needs a way to enhance the secrecy of Sensitive patents that might put national security at risk.”

The fact that any agency in charge of evaluating and reviewing patent requests and applications will have a serious job on hand. Perhaps the decision to appoint a team from Defence Ministry and the National Security Secretariat is justified.

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