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Why the new privacy-focused announcement at WWDC is a win for Apple consumers

Apple WWDC

As part of its annual developer conference, WWDC 2023, Apple announced significant updates to its operating systems, including iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and MacOS. Additionally, the company showcased significant privacy and security improvements, including Safari Private Browsing, Communication Safety, Lockdown Mode, and improved app privacy.

India, these new features will be available on Apple devices in the near future.

The security of Safari has been improved

During this year’s Safari update,Safari has been updated significantly to provide even better protection against trackers and unauthorised access. Users can now keep tabs open even when they step away from their devices with the enhanced Private Browsing feature, which automatically locks the browsing window when idle. As a result, their browsing activity remains secure and private.

Apple has made various updates to Photos privacy settings. The new embedded Photo picker allows people to share only the desired images with apps while keeping everything else in their library private. When an app asks for complete access, more info regarding what exactly will be shared is given, and periodic reminders of the selection made are sent out. Through all these updates, users have more control over their photos and they can reinforce their exact privacy preferences.

Communication with enhanced privacy

The new-and-improved Communication Safety now allows for video content as well as still images. An API permits developers to quickly insert the feature in their software. Most importantly, kids can stay safe when sending and receiving content via various platforms, such as AirDrop, FaceTime videos, Phone app (via Contact Posters), and the Photos picker for choosing which material to share.

Safari Private Browsing, Messages, and Mail now include Link-Tracking Protection

For the purpose of tracking users across different websites, certain websites use additional data in their URLs. With the forthcoming updates expected later this year, however, this supplementary information will no longer appear in links shared by users in Messages and Mail. Despite this change, the shared links will continue to work normally without any issues.

Updates to passwords and passkeys

Users can share passwords and passkeys with ease and peace of mind through iCloud Keychain. End-to-end encryption adds an extra layer of security. Moreover, Safari now boasts a convenient autofill for one-time verification codes received in Mail, making sign-ins a breeze. With these features, groups are able to stay updated and have continued access to shared accounts without having to remember long strings of digits.

Warning: sensitive content

Users can avoid unwanted nude images and videos by enabling Sensitive Content Warning, an optional feature. A number of scenarios are protected by this feature, including Messages, AirDrop, Phone (when receiving a Contact Poster), and FaceTime video messages. When adults enable Sensitive Content Warning, they can actively avoid encountering explicit content.

Mode of lockdown

In order to protect individuals from mercenary spyware that may target them because of their identity or professional activities, Lockdown Mode has been enhanced. Lockdown Mode not only minimises vulnerabilities, but it also reduces the risk of attack on individuals who require heightened protection. It will also now be available on watchOS.

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