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Apps like Instagram and Uber May Cause to Your iPhone to Overheat

iPhone overheating issue

Is your iPhone overheat? It could be because of popular apps like Instagram and Uber. Find out what’s causing the issue and how to prevent it.

Your new iPhone might be getting too hot to handle if you have Instagram doomscrolling enabled

Users have reported overheating problems with the iPhone 15 since its release on September 22, some to the point that they were unable to hold the devices.

Apple says the problem isn’t with the titanium design, but with a software bug.

Your new iPhone may overheat due to apps like Instagram and Uber

Instagram and Uber could be overheating your new iPhone

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models on display at Apple Campus Sept. 12.

On September 22, Apple released its new iPhone 15 series. Customers have complained that the new iPhones are too hot to hold when in use.

Instagram doomscrolling might be one reason why your iPhone is literally too hot to handle if you recently bought one.

On September 22, many iPhone 15 users complained that the phones overheated when using games or apps like Google Maps, some to the point that they could not hold them.

In Apple’s opinion, the problem isn’t with the titanium design, but with a software bug. Apple said Saturday that a problem with iOS 17 and third-party apps are contributing to the overheating.

“We are working with these app developers to roll out fixes,” the statement said.

AP reports that Instagram already updated their app earlier this week to prevent overheating on new iPhones. Uber and some games with intensive graphics are also working on updates.

As per Apple phones might be hotter in the beginning when there is a lot of “background” activity.

Before the promised updates became available, Apple directed customers to view an existing help page on its website offering general advice for regulating an iPhone or iPad’s temperature, including turning it off or moving it to a cooler area.

Some users claimed their phones — which can cost up to $1,600 for the most premium model — heated up as much as 108 degrees Fahrenheit after just a few minutes of use, according to previous Insider reporting. Some people reported that their batteries were quickly draining in addition to overheating.

Almost 500 replies and nearly 3,000 “Me too” reactions were posted on the Apple community boards complaining about overheating.

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