5G Mobile Network – How it could be dangerous?

5G Mobile Network danger

The world is moving rapidly towards 5G mobile network, it can change our lives completely and we can talk directly to machines with this high speed mobile network. This high speed internet can make our daily tasks easier. But is this technique really safe for you?

As reported by BBC News, Chinese company Huawei is at the top in the 5G mobile network, outpacing other companies in the world. But why are other countries worried about this success of Huawei.

Chinese company Huawei Advanced Gear is the world’s top leading telecommunications company in building 5G mobile network. But other countries in the government are troubled by Huawei’s success.

Huawei started its new campus in Shenzhen city of China, the office is so large that people are using trains to move from one building to another. Huawei invested a lot of money on research but the company also faced problems with it.

Huawei’s founder of Ren Zhengfei was the first Chinese army chief, and it is believed that the Chinese government may be the reason behind it. That is why the government of other countries is worried. America is thinking the same.

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In 2017, the Chinese government passed a National Intelligence Bill, because according to this bill the Chinese company and citizens will have to help the Chinese government in times of need for National Intelligence.

If Huawei shares the technical information of another country with the Chinese government, then China can take advantage of it wrongly.

A special unit of the UK government is also exploring how dangerous it can be for the country.

The technical director of the Cyber ​​Security Center, UK, Lan Levy, said that everything should be encrypted, whether it is talks between the Peoples, the Government or any other communities. Communication between smartphones and banks should also be encrypted as you cannot rely on any WiFi or telecommunications network.

However, Britain’s headquarters believe the threat of espionage is being exaggerated. But there may be another danger in the future, what will happen to this telecom network when the complete infrastructure is completely dependent on 5G network?

Technology researcher Stephanie Hare also believed that it is not necessary that in the future the world war is based only on the military, it can also be a cyber war in that time, it means that without any bullet we can make any country’s economy Can be stopped.

It is feared that China may use Huawei as its backdoor. If this is the case then all the big countries can be vulnerable to cyber attack and it can be more dangerous than civil war.

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