Awakening of 6G Networks: Here’s What You Need To Know

6G networks

A man never does cease to leap forward in the Everlong path of technological progress. A recent development was the partial implementation of 5G networks. As most of our networks currently run on 4G networks, we humans have formatted yet another vast and efficient network; 5G networks. Presently, 5G is more than a mere connection. By the beginning of 2023, more than a billion of us would have subscribed to its services.

Now, the point to be noted, although 5G networks are just about to enter their adolescent stage, technologists are ready to give birth to a faster, stronger, and wider connectivity; the 6G future. Technically, the network has not been developed yet. The revolution that 6G networks will bring upon our world would be immense; ranging from instantaneous connection between phones, computers, or other devices to even faster diagnosis and treatment of medical emergencies. 6G networks are expected to be even more diverse than their precursors; 5G and 4G.

6G Wireless Networks

Rewinding to 2019, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) welcomed a potential 6G network by granting companies the ability to experiment with “terahertz waves”. A fact; highly advanced versions of 5G depend on millimeter waves to accommodate huge amounts of data at exceptionally high speeds. Now, what beats these waves is the upcoming THz(terahertz). Theoretically, the terahertz band, which falls under the spectrum band of 956GHz to 3THz (which is stupendously high), can successfully conquer the impending 6G wireless technology. 

The current mobile cellular technology is based majorly on the 4G network, first launched in 2009. A few cellular service providers launched 5G in 2018 and 2019. Presently, companies are engrossed in broadening the horizon for 5G technology. Although humankind has not yet achieved the benchmark of the 4G network, we do have 5G present. Additionally, at this moment, it is rather difficult to point out the exact features of 6G. After all, it has not been born yet. All these facts prove that technology is, was, and shall remain to be an ever-evolving invention.


On to the statistical overview of this technology, the ever-ambitious human race has already begun to set the path to achieve fully wireless networks by 2030. Various technologies; material science, computing architecture, and sustainable energy use shall be guided by the network. Competing against the newly implemented 5G, the 6G network will increase data rates by over 100 times, enabling us to conquer edge intelligent devices. 

To meet such high expectations, certain characteristics have to be met. 

•Distributed Intelligent Network: Incorporation of applications that shall be intelligently managed and controlled throughout the network. 

•Proactive Interactive Network: A personalized form of network. This kind of network would adjust itself in real time according to the demands made by the user. Hence, we require the aid of artificial intelligence for the adjustment of data protection.

•Cognitive Information Technology: Due to the highly ingenious computation of the 6G networks, repetitious transmissions will be diminished.

6G Networks With More Advanced Features

Through research and technological advancements, the 6G network will adopt the benefits of the 5G structure along with its own set of enhanced features. And thus, 6G communication systems will be facilitated by various innovative and enhancing technologies. Some of these include;

•Internet of Things: The fact that 6G will conquer wireless generation, will provide significant aid to the expansion of IoT networks and applications. 

•Artificial Intelligence: Due to the efficacy of artificial intelligence, self-sufficient networks shall be integrated within 6G. This shall prove a vast improvement as the previous networks had not been guided by AI.

•Big Data Analytics: With the automation and self-augmentation properties of 6G, the accommodation and retrieval of humongous amounts of data will no longer be a challenge.


In conclusion, although a 5G connection shall eventually provide us with adequate features, our thirst for a more efficient, more reliable, and more versatile communication system shall be vanquished by 6G networks. In a nutshell, it has the potential to connect all aspects of our physical and virtual worlds. Currently, extensive research is being carried out for the awakening of 6G technology. Therefore, it is best to state that 6G networks are but a leap away from their inauguration. Nevertheless, be it next-to-nil glitches during gameplay or zero-latency video calls, 6G networks are unquestionably worth the wait.

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