ChatGPT : A hero or a villain for humanity?


Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Paul Krugman have talked about ChatGPT very seriously and that can be an eye-opener for all. The CEO himself said that it’s a horrible product, whereas Kevin O’Leary claimed it as a threat to Google.

Undoubtedly, ChatGPT is the winner of the show this year, as it has got a pool of lovers as well as haters. This tool recently became famous after getting a $10 billion investment from Microsoft. It has shown quite impressive skills from writing dating app messages and layoff emails to offering investing ideas in Warren Buffett-style, in a few seconds only.

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak seems to be an Optimist as he thinks that ChatGPT is “pretty impressive”. In contrast billionaire investor Mark Cuban has flagged issues related to its tendency to expel misinformation.

Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX CEO says,”It’s both positive or negative and has great, great promise, great capability,” He further added that “with that comes great danger.”

Bill Gates, Microsoft cofounder

Artificial intelligence could only write and read, but it was unfit to understand the content. Now, the new programs, similar to ChatGPT, will make it more effective by aiding to write letters or checks as well. This is surely going to change our world,” he said in an interview.

He also said that ChatGPT can also work as a “maths tutor” for students, and offer “medical advice” to needy people who can not reach a doctor. “This is as important as a PC and the internet,” he emphasised on the importance of AI chatbots.

Paul Krugman, veteran economist said,”ChatGPT seems able to work like a well educated person replacing real humans in the long run.”      

OpenAI chief technology officer Meera Murati says,”I think that it has high potential to revolutionise the way of learning. In a classroom of around 30 students, each one has different levels of IQ and EQ, but everyone gets the same curriculum. With ChatGPT tools, you can get personalised education like each one, reach one! And, this will help immensely the students as well as facilitators.”

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley judges wrote,” When we need a high- delicacy result, it’s noteworthy that ChatGPT can hallucinate occasionally and can give answers that feel satisfying, but aren’t really right,”

The best thing is to use if for your help without substituting yourself. It is your work to do it well and AI can support that. Substitution can cost you more than its worth.

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