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Stocks make headlines in after-hour trading

stocks make headline in after-hours trading

On Tuesday, various companies and their stocks made headlines in after-hour tradings. Below is the list of companies that soared and slipped on the stock market. 

Wynn Resorts

As the hotel company missed its earnings estimates for the fourth quarter, its stock slipped more than 2%. 

Wynn Resorts lost $1.37 per share, excluding items, more than analysts had predicted. 

However, Wynn successfully reported that revenue had crossed expectations with $1.05 billion sales. 


The property rental company’s shares soared 5%, extending the trading on Tuesday followed by Airbnb’s fourth-quarter results. 

Furthermore, during this period, Airbnb earned 8% on $1.53 billion in revenue. 

However, the company surpassed the expectation of analysts surveyed by Refinitiv. Analysts estimated Airbnb to earn 3 cents on $1.46 billion sales. 

Nevertheless, Airbnb provided strong guidance. 


Denny’s shares disappointed Wall Street as it dropped 10% after its fourth-quarter results. 

Furthermore, the company earned 16 cents per share on $107.6 million in revenue. 

However, analysts surveyed by Refinitiv predicted Denny’s to soar 17 cents on $111.8 million in revenue. 


After Roblox’s fourth-quarter results missed prediction on the top and bottom line, the gaming dropped more than 12%. 

Moreover, the company earned 16 cents per share on $107.6 million in revenue. 

Nevertheless, analysts surveyed by Refinitiv predicted Roblox to earn 17 cents on $111.8 million in revenue. 


As the stock market fluctuates, there might be some relief in the distant future.

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