10 Best Foreign Languages to learn for Jobs across the globe

best foreign languages to learn for jobs

If you want to know the best foreign languages to learn for jobs in 2021, this guide will tell you the best ones.

Learning a foreign language has many benefits! It is not only fascinating and exciting but also beneficial for people of all ages. As globalization increases, it can benefit your career prospects, school and college education, emigration, and overseas studies. Additionally, it allows you to travel and pursue your hobbies and interests. Here are the 10 Best Foreign Languages to Learn for Jobs across the globe.

1. French (Français)

In India, French is the most popular foreign language. The majority of schools and colleges incorporate French into their curriculum, so more than 1 lakh students study French only in Delhi / NCR. If you include other Indian cities, the number will be staggering. In India, French is also one of the best foreign languages to learn for jobs in corporate sectors.

In many industries, multinational companies use French as their working language. Fashion, education, banking and finance, travel, retailing, education, aerospace, luxury goods, banking, etc. are included.

2. German (Deutsch)

Unlike French, Spanish, Arabic, or Chinese, German is not widely spoken. In India, it is still the second most popular foreign language after French. Also, the language has the most native speakers in Europe. More than a dozen countries have made it their official language. Economic powerhouse Germany is one of the world’s leading economies. With German skills, you can find job opportunities in major German companies like Volkswagen, BASF, Daimler, BMW, Bosch, Siemens, etc. Germany is a top choice in the fields of Science, Engineering, Automobiles, etc.

3. Spanish (Español)

After French and German, Spanish is the third most popular foreign language to learn. Foreign service, journalism, travel and tourism, and international business are a few career paths available to Spanish speakers. A proficiency in both spoken and written Spanish can also be an asset in BPO, translation, interpretation, and language teaching.

Moreover, Spanish is increasingly sought after by global corporations operating across multiple countries. Companies with a presence in Australia, Germany, the USA, or any other country value employees who can effectively communicate with Spanish-speaking clients and partners. By learning Spanish, you not only gain a competitive advantage in the job market but also embrace the rich cultures and experiences associated with the Spanish-speaking world.

Whether you choose to learn Spanish in Sydney, Australia, or any other location, the global demand for Spanish language skills presents a wealth of career opportunities across a wide range of industries.

4. Japan (*** / Nihongo)

Growing India-Japan relations and Japanese companies expanding their operations in India have created a high demand for Japanese. A high-quality, technologically advanced product is synonymous with Japan.

Because Japanese is regarded as a difficult language to learn, there is less competition for jobs with Japanese-speaking applicants. Japan is a good foreign language to learn if you want to work in Japan.

5. Mandarin Chinese (普通话 / Pǔtōnghuà)

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more than a billion people worldwide. You will be able to compete effectively in the global economy of the future if you know the Chinese language.

The Chinese market has become enormous. International businesses and companies want to recruit employees who speak Chinese and understand China’s culture.

6. Russian (русский / Rússkiy)

Russian has been popular in India for a very long time. In recent decades, the demand has decreased. More than 300 million people worldwide speak it. As the most geographically widespread language in Eurasia, it is also the largest native language in Europe. India and Russia have a long and friendly relationship, which has created numerous opportunities for both countries in the engineering, science, and technology, oil, and defense sectors.

7. Portuguese (Português)

Among the top ten languages spoken by people worldwide, Portuguese is the sixth most popular. Due to Brazil’s burgeoning economy and the growing relationship between India and Brazil, Portuguese demand is increasing.

Experts in Portuguese are in demand across a wide range of industries in India, including finance, exports, accounting, technology, technical support, IT/ITES, tourism, and education. Portuguese is among the best foreign languages to learn for jobs.

8. Italian (Italiano)

One of the richest countries in the world, it has the eighth largest economy. Moreover, languages of romance are Italian and French. Some Italian companies have established their businesses in India, including Banco, Fiat, Benetton, Gucci, Lloyd, Ferrari, Marconi, and Pinnacle.

In India, there are many Italian language specialist jobs available. Therefore, this language is among the best foreign languages to learn for jobs.

9. Arabic (عربى / Al-‘Arabiyyah)

The Arabic language is the fifth most spoken language in the world. The Western Asia and North Africa regions also have over 300 million native speakers.

The UN has adopted it as one of its six official languages. There are also 26 nations that speak it, making it a global language. Arab nations also have tremendous economic potential and are rich in natural resources.

10. Korean (한국어 / Hangugeo)

South and North Korea speak Korean as their official language. Currently, South Korea ranks seventh in the world in terms of exports and has a strong economy. Increasing demand for Korean specialists is driving up interest in Korean courses in India due to Samsung, LG, Kia, Hyundai, Posco, Lotte, and other international Korean companies. Additionally, K-drama, K-pop, and K-movies are growing in popularity.

The following are the 10 Best Foreign Languages to learn for Jobs around the world. Picking the right foreign language to learn is a very subjective thing and often very difficult to answer. Choose the language that best suits your needs by analyzing this article above.

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