Top 10 Best Resume Builder Websites for 2021

Best Resume Builder Websites

It’s true that there are a number of Best Resume Builder Websites, but some are superior to others.
Additionally, some appear free, but ask for payment at the end or don’t let you download your resume.
As a result, we will be reviewing ten of the best free resume builders in this article.
They are the best sites that have the best builder software, best user experience, and don’t charge you for the printable resumes.

Top 10 Best Resume Builder Websites

1. Cultivated Culture

Cultivated Culture offers free tools and information to job seekers. Founded by Austin Belcak, who has spent his career formulating formulas for crafting effective resumes, writing engaging cover letters, and landing high-paying jobs at some of the world’s top companies.

He offers four ATS-friendly resume templates, full design customization, and expert advice towards crafting the perfect resume.

This tool allows you to create an unlimited number of resumes.

Additionally, Cultivated Culture offers two other free tools that can help you create a more professional resume. Using their scanner, you can get suggestions and keywords based on the position you want, and you can also use the feature to help you write better bullet points.

2. NovoResume

NovoResume offers eight resume templates, a content optimizer, pre-written resume samples, a cover letter builder, and cover letter templates.

You are taken directly to their resume builder after choosing one of their resume template options. Creating an account is free, but it takes only a few moments.

NovoResume lets you edit the document itself, unlike other online resume builders that have you fill out a series of fields. Any of the text can be edited and customized however you’d like. If you’re not happy with the way it looks, you can also change the font, template, design, or layout throughout the process.

NovoResume’s free version allows you to create one single-page resume. In addition to adding additional fonts, templates, and customization options to the free version, you can upgrade to the premium resume builder for more flexibility.

This tool will help you prepare for your next job application.

3. LiveCareer

LiveCareer lets you create a free resume with an expert resume builder. Additionally, they offer resume examples, templates, a cover letter builder, and cover letter templates, as well as everything else you need to build an impressive resume.

You’ll notice they have a lot of templates to choose from when you use their resume builder. It is possible to choose from 31 different resume templates, allowing you to tailor the document to your personal style. Depending on your level of experience and the job title you’re applying for, they’ll recommend templates for you.

Once you select a template, LiveCareer will let you edit your existing resume or start from scratch. The resume from your LinkedIn profile cannot be used, like many other resume builders in this list.

You will be guided through each section when creating a new resume, and you will need to provide the necessary information. If you list your job titles in your work experience, LiveCareer will suggest bullet points that relate to those titles.

4. Zety

Zety provides all the tools you need to build a resume that will catch employers’ attention. The site also offers over 20 resume templates, writing tips, prewritten examples, a cover letter builder, and templates for your cover letter. Their services go beyond developing a great-looking resume.

Zety’s resume builder allows you to create a resume from scratch or from an existing document (Zety will reformat it for you).

5. USA Jobs

USA Jobs offers the best resume building software when applying for government jobs. 

The online resume builder is tailored to the application requirements and application process of government jobs.

(And if you haven’t applied to many government jobs before, those requirements are quite overwhelming.)

In order to begin, you’ll need to create an account with USA Jobs, but it’s well worth it.

Your resume will appear in your documents list after you have finished it and you can use it to apply for positions with the government.

In contrast to other similar tools, USA Jobs’ resume builder asks you for a lot of information.

6. My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume provides free resume building software and over 30 proven resume templates. They provide several customization options as well, including a resume optimizer, cover letter builder, and cover letter templates.

Zety and LiveCareer share the same platform. Based on the length of time you’ve worked, My Perfect Resume recommends several templates. Once you have filled out each section, they will walk you through it. Your bullets can be written for you by them if you wish, and they’ll provide you with suggestions along the way.

The resume can be downloaded as a Word file when you complete the process (a PDF version isn’t available). A paid account will allow you to create additional resumes.

7. lets you build a resume for free. In addition, they provide information on how to write an effective cover letter, career advice for job seekers, and more.

Additionally, offers a job search function. Employ your newly created professional resume to find a job based on your position and location.

8. JobScan

JobScan specializes in software that matches your resume to the job description before applying (a process called tailoring a resume).

In recent times, they have launched one of the best resume builder apps available for free. Additionally, they provide writing guides, cover letter templates, and more. In my opinion, they are among the best free resume-building sites available right now.

They give you the option of starting over with a blank resume or editing an existing file once you begin. LinkedIn profiles can even be downloaded as PDFs and opened up as existing resumes. 

Start by choosing one of the three resume templates they offer when you create a new resume. You will then need to fill in the required information for each section of the resume.

9. Kickresume

Kickresume is one of the best resume builders I found during my research. Templates for cover letters and resumes are available, as well as resume examples. It requires you to create an account before you can use it, unlike most of the other resume builders on this list. The process is quick, however.

10. Indeed

Indeed primarily serves as a place to look for jobs in your local area. As well as a free resume builder, the company also provides help for preparing resumes prior to applying for jobs.

The resume builder opens once you’ve selected a template. There, you can edit the document the way you see fit. 

Even though there are better Best Resume Builder Websites out there, if you’re looking for an easy way to create a resume, this is a good option.

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