Top 10 Must-Read Engineering Blogs for University Students

must-read engineering blogs

A few must-read engineering blogs can help aspiring engineers gain insight into the challenges professionals face every day. The tools and processes they develop to make their jobs easier, the ethical issues they face, and more can be offered by them. Engineering blogs are abundant in the virtual space. Some are maintained by institutions of higher education, others by engineering departments of technology-focused companies and still others by individuals. Even though a great engineering blog selection is subjective, a methodology (see bottom of page) was applied to ensure that we chose blogs that were both useful and relevant to student engineers.

The Top 10 Must-Read Engineering Blogs for University Students

But we have narrowed our selection to must-read engineering blogs we felt would be most informational and useful for anyone currently working towards their undergraduate or graduate engineering degree. A wide variety of topics and engineering specializations are covered in these blogs, so some may resonate more than others. No matter what your specialization is, we hope you will find at least one or two gems to add to your regular reading list here.


UrbanWorkbench is, perhaps, one of the most engaging and appealing must-read engineering blogs out there. It is the intersection of civil engineering, urban planning, and design. It is intended to be a workbench where ideas are discussed, debated, and tried, as well as testing new engineering, planning, and environmental technologies. 

Maintains up-to-date posts on sustainable civil engineering, employee engagement, how to ensure a sanitary system and treatment plant work properly, and more. They are all written in an easy-to-read yet educational style.


There are several must-read engineering blogs run by Curious Cat, including the Science and Engineering Blog. John Hunter founded this organization. The site hosts blogs about management, finance, and the economy, among other topics. On the other hand, this section of the wiki includes posts covering topics such as sustainable ocean farming and medicinal plants that are neatly categorized into searchable categories. Students can learn about recent developments in various fields of engineering on this blog, and the many videos accompanying the articles may be very useful.


As a student pursuing an engineering degree, he or she will have to learn about, and perhaps even build, circuit boards. On Screaming Circuits’ blog, which contains a compilation of posts solely focused on circuit boards and their assembly, they may discover a wealth of valuable information. This blog provides students with information on newly developed technology, circuit board trivia, and more.


In Engineering Ethics, one of the main concepts is that of ethics and morality, a concept very different from the rest of the field of engineering. Indeed, as the author describes, the blog is less concerned with “doing things right,” and instead with “doing the right thing.” This blog examines various moral and ethical questions related to engineering and technology; while the situations may not apply to every engineering student, they can assist them in maintaining an ethical perspective when they face issues during their careers.


One of the best online resources for current students, the Toptal Engineering Blog is both visually appealing and informative. This space host in-depth development tutorials and technology announcements that are created by professional freelance software engineers working in the Toptal network. Students here can discover details about integrating Elixir with Java or explore biometric security in a new light. There has a lot of posts on this site related to software engineering and it mainly targets towards software engineers.


Chemical & Engineering News presents The Safety Zone. It focuses solely on workplace safety for chemists and engineers. Additionally, this blog contains information about recent safety issues or violations, as well as some safety resources that can serve as guides to browsers. Due to safety’s importance in the engineering workplace, current engineering students will be able to use this online resource while pursuing their degrees and eventually entering the workforce.


As a relatively new blog, it is somewhat of an outlier. It has accumulated a wide variety of useful blog posts in its current 10 months of existence. Students studying engineering can find the blogs concerning software engineering useful as they pursue their degrees. Best of all, these blog posts often laced with humor. In addition to adding life to these topics, it makes them more approachable.


Among users and their neighbors, Nextdoor has become an incredibly popular private social network. As well as facilitating communication, it also facilitates neighborhood discussion. Software engineers at the company maintain a blog in which they discuss various topics related to engineering and their company. Additionally, recent posts have focused on building VPCs with CloudFormation templates, as well as discussions with various engineers.


For those who have a passion for electronics and hardware. Furthermore, international in scope and maintained by a loose but dedicated collective of individuals. They also specialize in engineering DIY solutions using custom hardware and affordable computer components. But not every post on this blog addresses specific, small-scale issues. 


Packaging Matters made the last list of must-read engineering blogs. A relatively small niche focusing on general packaging topics and developed by packaging engineers. A fascinating look at packaging engineering problems and solutions can also found on the blog. The posts can range from improving pallet cube efficiency to packaging efficiencies that may be of interest to any engineering student.

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