Top 10 Must-Read Engineering Blogs for University Students

Dive into our list of top Must-Read Engineering Blogs for staying up to date on the latest trends and techniques of modern era.

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Several must-read engineering blogs can offer aspiring engineers a closer look at the problems professionals face daily. They can offer the tools and processes they develop to make their jobs easier, the ethical questions they face, and more. The virtual space is rife with blogs focusing on the topic of engineering, with some maintained by institutions of higher education, others by engineering departments of technology-focused companies, and still others by sole individuals. While the process of choosing ten great engineering blogs is admittedly subjective, we did apply a methodology (see bottom of page) to it to ensure that we surfaced blogs that were useful and relevant to student engineers

List of Top 10 Must-Read Engineering Blogs for University Students

But we have narrowed our selection to must-read engineering blogs we felt would be most informational and useful for anyone currently working towards their undergraduate or graduate engineering degree. These blogs cover a wide array of subjects and engineering specializations, so some may resonate more than others. That said, no matter the specialization, we hope that you will find at least one or two gems here to add to your regular reading list.


UrbanWorkbench is, perhaps, one of the most engaging and appealing must-read engineering blogs in existence today. It represents the intersection between civil engineering, urban planning, and design. The blog intended to act as a workbench, and area where ideas hammered out, concepts are tried, discussed, and debated, and new engineering, planning, environmental and urban technologies are reported on and reviewed. Actively maintained and contains recent posts on sustainable civil engineering, employee engagement, information on how to ensure a sanitary system and treatment plant operates correctly, and more. All of which are written in an easily readable yet educational format.


The Science and Engineering Blog is one of several must-read engineering blogs operated by Curious Cat. This organization is by John Hunter. It maintains blogs on a variety of different topics, including management, investment and economics, and more. That being said, the science and engineering page holds posts covering topics from sustainable ocean farming to medicinal plants, all of which are neatly organized in searchable categories. Students may use this blog to learn about recent developments in various fields of engineering, and will likely benefit from the many videos accompanying the articles.


In pursuit of an engineering degree, a student will inevitably find themselves learning about and perhaps even building their circuit board. And, in this process, they may find a trove of valuable information on the blog maintained by Screaming Circuits, which contains a compilation of posts solely focused on circuit boards and their assembly. Students may read this blog to learn about newly developed technology, circuit board trivia, and more on related topics.


Engineering Ethics focuses on a slightly different concept than the rest within the field of engineering; namely, that of ethics and morality. Indeed, as the author describes, the blog is less concerned with “doing things right,” and instead with “doing the right thing.” This blog examines various moral and ethical questions related to engineering and technology; while the situations may not apply to everyone, they can help engineering students maintain an ethical perspective when facing issues in their own professional lives.


Both visually appealing and informative, the Toptal Engineering Blog stands out as one of the best online resources for current students. This space is, as described on the site, “a hub for in-depth development tutorials and new technology announcements created by professional freelance software engineers in the Toptal network.” Here, a university student may also find tips on how to get started on the Elixir programming language or discover a fresh perspective on authentication and biometric security. Overall, this site is mainly geared towards software engineers and contains numerous posts on related subjects.


The Safety Zone is a project by Chemical & Engineering News. It solely focused on safety in the workplace for chemists and engineers. This blog also contains news stories depicting recent instances of safety issues or violations, as well as several safety resources that browsers can use as informational guides. Because safety is such an important topic in the engineering workspace, current engineering students may use this online resource as they pursue their degrees and eventually merge into the workforce.


The blog is somewhat of an outlier, given that it has only been around for less than a year. In its current 10 months of existence, it has displayed a wide array of useful blog posts. The blogs focussed on the topic of software engineering useful for any engineering student as they pursue a degree. And best of all, the authors of these blog posts often pepper in humor within the writing. This adds life to these topics and to help the articles remain more approachable.


Nextdoor has emerged as an incredibly popular private social network for users and their neighbors. It also allows for communication and discussion about neighborhood issues. The company’s software engineers keep a blog where they post articles on various topics related to engineering and their company. Moreover, recent posts have focused on building VPCs with CloudFormation templates, and discussions with various company engineers.


Designed for the everyday hacker with a keen interest in electronics and hardware. Moreover, international in scope and maintained by a loose but dedicated collective of individuals. Mostly dedicated to engineering DIY solutions built around custom hardware and affordable computer brains. But not all of this blog’s posts tackle specific, small-scale problems. 


The last must-read engineering blogs list has Packaging Matters. Part of a relatively small niche focused on general packaging topics and developed by packaging engineers. The blog also provides a fascinating look at packaging engineering problems and solutions. Some posts focus on improved pallet cube efficiency, others on packaging efficiencies that may prove interesting to any engineering student.

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