Top 10 Scholarships for International Students in USA

Scholarships for International Students in USA

Are you also dreaming of Scholarships for International Students in USA? Welcome, you are to the right place. The purpose of this article is to discuss a complete guide about Study in USA and also to focus on the Top 10 Scholarships for International Students in USA. The best thing about American universities is that they offer these fully-funded scholarships as well, which makes them more expensive than other countries.

The quality of education and research at American universities is the best in the world. According to the QS World University Rankings 2021, the top 4 universities in the world are all American. There are many benefits and opportunities to studying in the United States that you will not be able to find in any other nation. Also, most of the world’s top multinationals are based in America, such as Google, Facebook, and Youtube. Many former international students have already been hired by these companies after completing their degrees. Some of the most powerful people in American business were graduates of American universities. 

Finally, here is the list of the top 10 Scholarships for International Students in USA.

1. Stanford University Scholarship

Stanford ranks #2 in the world according to QS World University Rankings 2021 and is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. In addition, the University of Palo Alto was established in 1885. The University also offers scholarships for doctors of philosophy, MBAs, MFAs, and Master’s degrees. Additionally, Stanford offers 1700 scholarships every year for undergraduate and graduate programs. Applicants do not need to take a language test to apply.

Available Course and Programs

  • Engineering School (All Fields)
  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of Business
  • Continuing Studies

Scholarship Benefits

  • Families earning less than $150,000 qualify for free tuition.
  • Expenses for living, tuition, and other expenses: Families earning less than $65,000.
  • Covers full tuition as well as associated fees.
  •  The Knight Hennessy Scholarship covers living expenses as well as academic expenses (books, local transportation, educational materials, and other personal expenses).
  • Additionally, one Economy-Class ticket per year.

2. Fulbright Scholarship

Additionally, Fullbright is one of the world’s best scholarship programs. It’s established in 1946 by J. William Fulbright. This scholarship program selects over 8,000 students every year. From the beginning to now, over 370,000 students have received scholarships.  

A Fullbright scholarship is available to citizens of 160 different countries. Both master’s and doctoral degrees are eligible for the scholarships. Also, all academic fields are available except clinical medicine.

Benefits of Scholarships

  • Fees for tuition
  • A monthly living allowance
  • Health Insurance
  • Visa Fees
  • Textbooks
  • Airfare
  • Allowance for computers and moving in.

3. Bill Gates Scholarships

Bill Gates’ scholarship program is also one of the best in the world. Originally started in 1991, the goal of this scholarship was to provide fully-funded scholarships to students in the United States. U.S. scholarship awards total more than 300 every year. In addition to the scholarship, the students will be reimbursed for all expenses. Scholarships are only available for Undergraduate programs. 

Benefits of the Bill Gates Scholarship

  • Fees for tuition
  • Fees
  • Rent for rooms
  • Book expenditures
  • Board
  • The cost of personal transportation and other expenses may be included.

Eligibility Countries

  • U.S. citizens and nationals
  • American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian & Pacific Islander American, African-American, and Hispanic American applicants are eligible to apply

4. University of Arizona Scholarships

Tucson, Arizona, hosts another private research university, the University of Arizona, founded in 1885. The university offers scholarships for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs. For both undergraduate and graduate studies, there are over 100 scholarship programs. Additionally, applicants may be either US citizens or international students. You can also apply without IELTS or GRE. International Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Student Loans are all available at the University of Arizona.

Fields and majors available

  • Biomedical science
  • Economics and business
  • Agriculture Sciences
  • Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  • Agriculture Planning and development
  • Media and the arts
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Language and Literature
  • Engineers and technologists

Financial aid and scholarships

  • Applicants can receive up to $35,000 through the Global Wildcat Award 
  • Approximately $5,000-$12,000 per academic year for transfer students 
  • Scholarships based on merit 

5. Clark University Global Scholars Program

Springfield, Massachusetts, is home to Clark University, a famous private research university. Besides the Clark Global Scholars Program, the university offers a 4-year undergraduate program. There are more than 30 undergraduate majors and 12 interdisciplinary concentrations at Clark University; in addition, there are over 30 professional certificate and advanced degree programs. This scholarship is also open to international students. 

Financial aid and scholarship benefits

  • The Clark Global Scholars Program offers $15,000 to $25,000 per year (for a four-year period).
  • Aid provided on a need-based basis

6. University of Michigan

Established in 1817, the University of Michigan is a public research university in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The University of Michigan is an old university and one of the top-ranked colleges in the country. Scholarships are also available for the university’s 100+ undergraduate and graduate programs. Students from all over the world can apply for these scholarships, as well as US citizens. If you do not have IELTS or GRE, you may also apply. Merit Scholarships are also available at the University of Michigan. 

Benefits of Scholarships

  • Scholarship for International Undergraduates: $40,000
  • Until the end of four years, international students are eligible for a grant of $10,000.
  • Scholarships for Graduate Courses and Departments are available

7. Boston University Scholarship

A private research university located in Boston, Massachusetts, Boston University was established in 1839. The university offers scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate programs, and students from abroad as well as citizens of the United States may apply for the scholarships. There are more than 300 study programs at universities. Furthermore, this university’s best feature is that 96% of graduates found employment within six months of completing their graduate degree.

Boston University’s fields of study

  • Engineering College
  • Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies
  • College of Education & Human Development at Wheelock
  • Questrom School of Business
  • Hospitality Administration School
  • Dentistry
  • Medical

Various scholarship types

  • The scholarship is a full tuition and other fees scholarship from Boston University trustees
  • Scholarships: $25,000 per year from the BU President’s Office

8. University of Hawaii Scholarships

There are a number of ADB University of Hawaii Scholarships available. UH is among the best public research universities in America. The Asian Development Bank offers more than 300 scholarships each year at Hawaii University. Additionally, all scholarship recipients are pursuing Masters and Doctoral degrees. Scholarships from the ADB will also cover all the expenses of the international students. 

Benefits of Scholarships 

  • Fee for full-time students
  • Rent for a house
  • Airfare
  • A stipend for food and also incidentals
  • Medical insurance and health carFurthermore, allowances for books, materials, etc.
  • Moreover, allowance for books, materials, etc.
  • Subsidy toward health insurance coverage.
  • Thesis Fund

9. Google scholarships | 100,000

Google announced 100,000 scholarships for the applicants of all the nationals of the world. Due to Covid-19, millions of people are unemployed, which is why we created this opportunity. Moreover, this scholarship can be obtained by sitting at home, you can get Online Scholarships Certifications. It is cheaper to obtain these certifications online as well as the four-year degree program because colleges or universities are expensive.

Benefits of Scholarships 

  • Experience is not necessary
  • The project takes just six months to complete
  • Google-developed
  • Scholarships and grants will also be available

10. Harvard University Scholarship

Founded in 1636, Harvard is a private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Moreover, QS’s world rankings have ranked it #3. Additionally, applicants from all over the world can apply to this program. Additionally, there are 100 scholarship opportunities for online courses. 

Finally, here we end up our list of top 10 Scholarships for International Students in USA. Find one that suits your requirements.

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