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Women hold 36% of senior positions in India’s mid-market – Leadership

In India’s mid-market businesses, women now hold at least 36 percent of senior management positions, according to a report. In terms of women in leadership roles, India is ahead of both BRICS (34%) and G7 (30%) averages.

According to Grant Thornton’s International Business Report, 5 percent of mid-market businesses in India still lack any women in senior leadership roles.

In mid-market companies worldwide, 32 percent of senior management positions are held by women.

Globally, 9 percent of such companies still lack women in senior leadership positions.

According to Pallavi Bakhru, Partner, Grant Thornton Bharat, “To improve parity, businesses must adopt hybrid or flexible approaches, create a supportive and understanding culture, and focus on employee well-being and mentoring programmes for women.”

Diversification, especially at senior levels, is not only the right thing to do ethically, but it is also the right thing to do commercially.

“It is a proven performance driver,” she said.

For the first time, all regions (Africa, APAC, ASEAN, Latin America, North America, EU) surpassed the 30% figure for women in senior management.

ASEAN experienced the largest percentage point increase among the regions, rising from 37 percent to 40 percent.

Currently, 36 percent of mid-market businesses are purely office-based, while 53 percent are hybrid.

Reports indicate that 62% of such businesses are adopting a hybrid model, 27% are still primarily office-based, 5% are permanently home-based and 5% have a fully flexible schedule and choice of location.

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