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Top 10 Most Popular Fruits in the World

Most popular fruits in the world

There are many of the most popular fruits in the world. The popularity of fruit is well-deserved: it is delicious, ready to eat, and packed with nutrients such as fiber and vitamins. Fruit’s mostly water content can quench thirst and quench hunger at the same time. They can be consumed in various ways, such as smoothies, sorbets, and even ice cream, they can also be used in cooking and baking, as well as for decorating dishes. Perhaps the only downside to fruit is that it is a quick source of energy that is also lacking in protein, so it is best consumed for snacks between meals. According to million metric tons, these are the world’s most harvested fruits.

1. Tomatoes: Most popular fruits in the world

Wild tomatoes originated in the Andes, Western regions of Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador, where they were first cultivated by the Aztecs and Incas around 700 AD. South American explorers brought them to Europe, and they have since become a global favorite. Almost 57 million tonnes of tomatoes are grown in China every year.

There are plenty of tomatoes to choose from and the options are infinite. From pizza and pasta sauces to the humble ketchup for hamburgers and fries, tomato sauce is a staple of most salads, like Greek or tomato & mozzarella, as well as an undisputed ingredient in omelets.

2. Bananas: Most popular fruits in the world

Around 8000 to 5000 BCE, bananas were first domesticated in the South Pacific or Southeast Asia, but their origins have been hard to pinpoint. It is believed that bananas were brought to the Philippines from New Guinea’s Kuk valley at this time. The banana production in India reaches nearly 30 million tons a year.

Bananas are an excellent option for a snack on the go, as they come in a protective case and are easy to peel without requiring any washing. The B6 vitamins they contain contribute to the oxidation of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Also, they contain vitamin C (10%) for immunity, fiber (2.6 grams) for digestion, and magnesium (9%). When combined with Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, bananas help the body produce melatonin for healthy sleep. 

3. Watermelons

Watermelon is the perfect summer treat on a hot summer afternoon. Today’s Egyptians are the ones who introduced watermelons into the world. There are ancient hieroglyphics found in the area associated with watermelons, this prized fruit was even included in pharaohs’ tombs for their journey to the afterlife.

In terms of watermelon production, China leads the way with nearly 73 million tonnes produced each year. Because of their natural sweetness and high water content, watermelons are also commonly used for making alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

4. Apples: Most popular fruits in the world

The apple originated in Central Asia, where it thrived along the Silk Road. Domestication took place in southern Kazakhstan around 2000 BCE.

What makes apples so special is their crunch, as well as the variety of sweetness available from the many different varieties. North American supermarkets carry more than 90% of their apples from the same continent because of the ease and cheapness of distribution, and from Asia. With almost 45 million tonnes produced annually, China has the largest apple production in the world, while the Fuji variety from Japan is favored by many because of its large size and satisfying sweetness.

5. Oranges

In 1493, on Columbus’ second voyage, oranges were introduced to the Americas from China, where they were first cultivated around 2500 BCE. With approximately 15 million metric tons of oranges produced annually, Brazil is the top producer in the world today. 

Oranges are among the most popular fruits for breakfast, which makes sense since they are a favorite fruit. The only downside of this succulent, sweet fruit is that there is more than 100% of the daily vitamin C requirement in each serving.

6. Mangoes: Most popular fruits in the world

At over 20 million metric tons each year, India produces almost half of the world’s mangos. Mangoes cultivated for over 4000 years in the Indo-Myanmar region; however, they have only recently been introduced to the Americas, specifically Brazil, and Mexico by the Spaniards, who brought them over from the Philippines.

Mangoes are a source of vitamin C, fiber, and vitamin B6 as well as vitamin C. In addition to their beneficial psychological and sex properties, mangoes also contain anti-aging properties, making them highly regarded as superfruits. 

7. Pears

Uniquely, pears do not come from a single region, but rather are found all over the world, including Asia, Europe, North Africa, and much of South America. It believed that Chinese farmers have been cultivating these fruits for at least 3,000 years. Over 16 million metric tons of pears still produced in China every year. 

It is a sweet and cheap treat at street markets and on supermarket shelves in Eastern European countries, despite being underrated in the West. Most gardens, and even streets, grow them, and many locals pick them on the way to work. Comfitures, a main dish of cooked fresh and dried fruit, also made from pears.

8. Avocadoes: Most popular fruits in the world

From 8000 to 5000 BCE, avocados originated in South-Central Mexico and domesticated there by the locals 5,000 years ago. The Aztecs introduced Columbus to this fruit in the 15th century. Mexico is still the largest avocado producer in the world, with 2.2 million metric tons.

The fruit avocado has one of the highest fatty acid concentrations among fruits, supplying nearly half of the daily recommended intake of healthy fats and fiber. Healthy hair and skin depend on fats and other vitamins and minerals. 

9. Pineapples

Pineapples, known for their astonishing ability to regenerate. Only some pineapple leaves needed, and there you have it! Your pineapple tree will grow in the garden in just three years. The vitamin C content of a pineapple is 131 percent. Thus, when you eat your pineapple bare-peeled, you won’t catch a cold, flu, or cough. Never buy canned pineapple over a fresh one!

10. Tangerines: Most popular fruits in the world

Tangerines are among the citrus fruits, along with lemons and limes. We receive vitamins A, C, folic acid, and potassium from them. Additionally, they are sedatives and aid in relieving migraines, depression, and even stress. Additionally, tangerine prevents a rise in cortisol levels in the body when you want to lose weight. Thus, it facilitates in reducing stress, which often triggers fat storage. It is refreshing to eat tangerines in the fall since they are yellow-orange in color!

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