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Health awareness among public is rising due to coronavirus

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Health awareness is increasing in public due to coronavirus. The covid-19 has killed millions of people from across the world. It is one of the most effective pandemic till now, there are no such pandemic has been found in the past. That’s is the reason people afraid more, and more conscious about their health.

There is no doubt in saying that coronavirus has created health awareness among people. A famous quote perfectly fit here that “Fear can teach anyone anything”. Those people who were less conscious about their health, now they are more conscious.

There are a large number of people undergoing medical checkups and doctors’ consulting on regular basis since the lockdown. As experts raised an alarm for hypertension, diabetes patients, it is more possible to catch the virus. This coronavirus also teach us the value of social distancing.

Coronavirus has caused fear in people

The public has feared of the virus. As before, the number of consultations has also shown a steady increase. And for those who are patients of diabetics and high blood pressure, there is a greater risk of catching the virus than normal people. Many people undergo tests to maintain rising blood sugar and blood pressure. According to the study, people have shown interest in getting medical examinations done. People are at risk of their lives due to the epidemic.

Health awareness declines 50% in normal patients

Normal healthy people are trying to avoid going for checkups out of fear of coronavirus. And now it has increased to 80%, a dip in 20% of patients.

There has been a decline in the number of cardiac patients

According to doctors, fear of the coronavirus is a drop of about 17% -18% in heart patients. According to a report, 19% healthy people are also avoiding going to doctors due to fear of Covid-19. They mostly follow healthy lifestyles. Normal people are preferring to be self-conscious about their healthy lifestyle like – diet control, good eating schedule, physical activities, more fruits, and proper sleep drinking lots of water daily to stay hydrated, proper medicine, Seek expert advice on time.

But we learn from the coronavirus that our life is very precious and everyone is afraid of losing their life. People are self-aware about their healthy lifestyle and taking preventive measures against the coronavirus which is a good step.

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