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Weight loss drink with Lemon and Coffee – A New TikTok Trend

Weight loss drink with Lemon and CoffeeWeight loss drink with Lemon and Coffee

Weight loss is one of the common health issues which everyone faces once in their lifetime. Losing weight, burning extra calories, and getting rid of that belly fat is something that’s on everyone’s mind. Weight loss has always been a very challenging and complicated process.

When trying to lose weight it can be hard to sort through the myriad conflicting information through the internet. One such conflicting trend people are coming across is the Tiktok trend of drinking lemon and coffee to shed excess pounds easily.

The Tiktok trend went viral and created a bustle when TikTok users’ suggestions claimed that it can help to lose weight while some disagreed which thus created a lot of confusion and conflicts. 

Below are some insights to find out, is this combination worth the hype? Or can this combination of two actually help in weight loss?

The Combo of lemon and coffee drink

Both lemon and coffee are two distinctively have countless and tons of health benefits with minimal side effects. They both show a great positive effect when incorporated into the daily routine. Coffee is considered one of the best beverages across the world and its caffeine content helps to improve the body’s overall metabolic rate and also rejuvenate body.

With this, lemon is an excellent fruit with cardiovascular many potential benefits. Lemon juice has presence of Vitamin C and shows great contribution and support in health. But does the combination of lemon and coffee help to lose weight? Well, frankly no, the lemon coffee drink does not contribute to shedding fat. Also, it would be worth noting that consuming any one of them excessively can cause harm to the body in the form of side effects which can leave anyone disappointed.

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Can lemon contribute to weight loss?

As said, lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C and citric acid, and more importantly, many health experts and nutritionists recommend a lemon drink to have daily, especially at breakfast. Having a glass of lemon water for breakfast is a great way to kick-start metabolism. What matters is it can be a good replacement for a high-calorie drink. In short, lemon water is good for metabolism, digestion, hydration and reduces heart risks. 

Does coffee help in weight loss? 

Coffee is an excellent beverage and has been praised for many centuries. Caffeine is the main ingredient of coffee which is responsible for most of its health benefits. There is also some buzz related to coffee that it helps in weight loss but frankly, it’s not true.

Coffee directly doesn’t help in weight loss but rather boosts the metabolism and reduces unwanted cravings. Moreover, it helps the mood to brighten up, suppresses appetite, and improves physical performance. Though people with high cholesterol and pregnant women should completely avoid this. 

These both distinctively have numerous health benefits and as both of them contain plant beneficial compounds and antioxidants, it protects the body from chronic diseases. 

Is lemon coffee drink a good idea for weight loss?

Discussing the benefits they have individually, it can be said that the notion trend that involves a combo of coffee and lemon can be a rough way to shed kilos. Neither coffee nor lemon has the ability to lose fat. Though both help in speeding up the metabolism but can’t help in burning the excess fat of the body.  

Research and experts say that mixing milk with citric acid makes the entire drink anti-nutrient but it is totally harmless. Dieticians claim that adding lemon juice to coffee proves no scientific basis. Instead consuming a good healthy diet with exercise can show proven results with healthy weight and shape. 

Also, kidney patients should strictly avoid this drink. Thus at last it can be said that lemon coffee isn’t a good option when seeking weight loss. This drink doesn’t provide any guarantee or assurance that one can shed pounds easily by just drinking a glass of drink. Ultimately, it’s all a myth. Although there are many other options one can easily opt for weight loss and go with proven ways. 

Weight loss advice is often doled out on social media and its trends and other unreliable mediums and trusting such advice may harm your health in the long run and also make you gain weight, instead of helping you lose it.

Social media is mostly full of misinformation, therefore, getting aware of myths and facts is important. Follow only reliable sources whose content is medically reviewed and provide good information. 

Losing weight and its process seems frustrating. There’s a lot of patience and effort required in this long but worth it journey. Losing weight or getting in shape is one such thing that almost everyone wishes for. The weight loss journey is a bit challenging but with all dedication, efforts, and the right mindset, it is possible.

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