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Will it be a boy or a girl? How is the gender of the baby determined?

baby boy or girl

The birth of a baby is a blessing to every parent. Then be it a boy or a girl. Just holding their newborn parents feels immense happiness. And today we are gonna discuss about how it is decided by our body that it will be a baby boy or baby girl? 

What is Chromosome?

Our body consists of some structures through which the gender of the baby is decided and these structures are called Chromosomes. Chromosomes are thread-like structures and every Chromosome is made up of DNA. The 23rd pair of the human body, the sex chromosome,is different within males and females.

How is the gender of the baby determined?

We discussed chromosomes and these chromosomes only determine the gender of the baby. The sex chromosomes are of two types X and Y Chromosomes.

In the process of reproduction the female body always carries an X chromosome and a father sperm carries either an X or Y Chromosome.If a sperm carrying an X chromosome fertilizes the egg, the resulting combination (XX) will develop into a female baby. On the other hand, if a sperm carrying a Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, the combination (XY) will develop into a male baby.

Genes of a baby

Genes of a baby are segments of DNA that carry the instructions for building and functioning of an organism.

Genes are inherited from both parents – Like eye colour can be of mother and nose can be of father. Height is one of the most common genetic factors that are inherited by a baby from the parents.

For a good development in a baby not only Genes but many other factors also play a very important role like Environmental factors, including nutrition, exposure to toxins, and overall health care, can also influence the expression of genes and impact a baby’s growth and development. You can read more about factors that affect the growth of the child in this article.

How to maintain healthy choices to prevent birth defects? 

A healthy human body always has 46 chromosomes in total, each pair of 23. Sex chromosome is an important part of the reproduction process but there are many habits an individual should adopt to decrease the birth defects. 

  • One of these can be having a healthy diet.
  • Having a good sleep schedule.
  • Less consumption of alcohol.
  • Taking care of your mental health too.

This article talks deeply about all the healthy habits one should indulge in to avoid any birth defects.

The best thing is to consult a gynecologist for all your problems but sometimes people don’t have much funds and that is when you have You Tube comes in handy. There are many good gynecologists who have uploaded videos where you can take care of your health through the comfort of your home only. Attaching some of them below;

Boy Or a Girl?

Even in 21st century many people believed that if we have a boy then only our family will be complete. Our lineage will grow forward. Maybe it sound absurd to us but the bitter truth is this only. The newest argument in the debate is that we have one girl and if the next one should be boy. 

The problem is humans can’t decide it. Its all body game. Still people try some stupid methods to have a baby boy.

Whether you need a baby boy or girl – there are some practices that you can do to achieve according to the experts.

Let’s have a look at some articles and videos which “ensures” that one will have a baby boy.

The Hindu mythology

Hindu astrology, the Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha is said to be the best time for your baby boy’s birth. This period is believed to give you the best chance at having a son, and it will have many positive effects on your life. You can read more about it in this article.

Sex Positions

Internet is filled with many articles to convince you that by doing this you will have a baby boy but there is absolutely no guarantee. Try some sex positions and you will certainly have a baby boy.

Youtube videos 

If you watch all these videos thoroughly you will see there is no mention that there is no guarantee that by following these you will have a baby boy. It’s just for some people’s assurance.

In my opinion even if you have two girls your family still will be complete. Don’t run behind boy or girl just embrace your parenthood with open arms be it boy or girl.

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