India ranked 34 in global tourism competition list

India's rank in global tourism

According to the report of the World Economic Forum, India’s rank in global tourism has improved by 6 points which has now reached 34th place. It was ranked 40th in 2017, which has improved 6 points and now rises to 34th place. The information is revealed by the World Economic Forum.

The main reason for this is the prosperity of India in terms of natural and cultural resources and being very competitive in terms of price.

The report states that India, with the majority of travel and tourism GDP (GDP) in South Asia, remains the most competitive travel-tourism economy in the subcontinent. It is the most competitive country in South Asia in travel and tourism covering the best locations in the region. Its ranking has improved six position to 34.

India ranked 34 in global tourism competition list
World Economic Report, travel-tourism data 2019

China, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, and India has been listed in this list. However, India may not be a high-income economy, but it is among the top 35 countries in the cultural resources and business travel segment.

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The main reason for this is their prosperity in terms of natural and cultural resources and competitive in terms of price. In terms of sub-segments, India ranks 33rd in the Better Environment segment, 28th in basic and port infrastructure, 51st in international acceptance, 14th in natural beauty and 8th in cultural resources segment.

140 countries are included in the Global Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index. Spain topped this WEF index. It is followed by France, Germany, Japan and the US in the top five respectively. Britain’s ranking has slipped from fifth place to sixth.

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