The 10 Coldest Cities In The United States

Coldest Cities In The United States

What is the Coldest Cities In The United States? Between the northern and southern halves of the United States, the winter temperatures vary greatly. During winter months, however, temperatures often fall below freezing (0 °C/ 32 °F) in many parts of the United States.

Recently, temperatures in some cities have broken records. On January 30, 2019, Chicago experienced its coldest temperature in 34 years with -23°F. Wind chills ranged from -30°F to -50°F. On average, Chicago is not one of the coldest cities in the United States.

In December and January, most of the extreme winter weather conditions occur. In extreme winter weather, roads can be shut down, accidents can occur, and public transportation cannot operate. As well as power outages and fallen trees, extreme winter weather can cause hypothermia and difficulty breathing. Many people have lost their lives due to extreme winter conditions and winter storms.

Winter conditions are more severe in some cities than others. Snowplows, salt supplies, and other precautionary measures are common in northern cities during cold weather. Due to their subtropical climates, southern cities usually lack such supplies and can be affected by smaller amounts of snow. 

1. St. Albans, Vermont

Lowest Recorded Temperature: -4.4F 

Snowfall average: 82.4 inches per year.

St. Albans, a relatively small city famous for its Victorian and craftsman-style architecture, has a rich history and even richer culture. Known for its annual Maple Festival, it is also a research destination for genealogists. While most places in Vermont experience colder nighttime temperatures in January, St. Albans has the coldest temperatures at night. Additionally, the lowest recorded temperature for this city is -4.4F.

2. Buffalo, New York

Temperature Lowest Recorded: -20F 

Snowfall: 84.8 inches per year on average.

Buffalo is one of the largest cities in New York, and it has a snowy winter. The city experiences harsh winters thanks to its humid continental climate. Winters in the city known for snow bands, intense snowfall, and cold temperatures.

3. Sioux City, Iowa

Lowest Temperature Recorded: -28F 

Snowfall: 33.4 inches on average per year.

The city is known as the navigational head for cargo ships due to its many cultural attractions including the Sioux city public museum and the Sioux art center.

4. Burlington, Vermont

Temperature lowest recorded: -30F 

Snowfall: 80.4 inches annually.

Burlington has a well-established educational system and is known for being the first US city to run entirely on renewable energy. Additionally, it is home to Vermont’s largest hospital: UVM Medical Center. This city, which has an estimated population of 42,570, is known for its cold winters with an annual average snowfall of 80.4 in.

5. Marquette Michigan

Coldest Recorded Temperature: -34F 

Snowfall average: 154.7 inches per year.

This city, situated on the shores of Lake Superior, is also in the USDA Plant hardiness zone. The city experiences long cold winters, the lowest temperature recorded in the city is -34F, and receives an abundance of snow every year, making life challenging, as evidenced by its small population of only 21,697 people.

6. La Crosse, Wisconsin

Temperature Lowest Recorded: -37F 

Snowfall average: 42.4 inches.

La Crosse is a technology, medical, education, and manufacturing hub with more than 200,00 students. The area is known for its natural landscape, challenging hikes, and paddling adventures, and is home to the US’s largest Oktoberfest.

7. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Lowest Temperature Recorded: -36F 

Snowfall: 118.3 inches annually.

This city one of the oldest in the United States and is known for being the coldest in Michigan. Aside from this, there are about 177.2 days per year in which the nighttime low temperature falls below zero, with January and December being the most uncomfortable months due to the extreme weather. Salut Fte has a population of 14,048 and an average annual snowfall of 118.3 inches. Marie is without a doubt one of the coldest cities in the United States.

8. Anchorage, Alaska

Coldest Temperature Recorded: -34F 

Snowfall: 73.7 inches annually.

This city has its own charm thanks to the Chugach State Park, a joint military base, and Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, which refuels international cargo flights.

9. Huron, South Dakota

Lowest Temperature Recorded: -43F 

Snowfall average: 36.8 inches per year.

Winters in Huron are known for their coldness and extreme temperatures. In addition, this area is classified as being hardy by the USDA.

As there are no mountains or trees to block the path of the cold winds from Canada, winters are harsher. In addition, the minimum average temperature can drop to almost -14 C during the winter.

10. Bismarck, North Dakota

Temperature Lowest Recorded: -44F 

Snowfall average: 46.2 inches per year.

Bismarck is located in North Dakota, which during winter and fall the coldest state in the continental United States. Since North Dakota is located at the extreme north end of the Midwest, it experiences such harsh winters.

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