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COP26 and the commitment pledges towards Climate Change

COP26 commitment pledges Climate Change

The entire world is witnessing the severity of Climate Change as observed by COP26. 

It is no secret that this year has been host to numerous destructive events caused by the hike in climate change. This year’s COP26 summit’s agendas revolved around several political spouts regarding the rising temperature. During the COP26 conference summit in Glasgow, the progress made was more words and lass actions. The meeting’s end goal to add momentum to pre-decided measures for reducing emissions might suffer a restrained blow from the states. 

It is no secret that Global emissions continue to rise, and the climate change situation is getting severe by the day. The matter is straightforward that incremental actions alone can not comprehend the accelerating Climate change. 

The entire world witnessed the momentum created by President Biden during the COP26 summit in Glasgow. According to Dr. Joanna Depledge, “Everything that Presiden Biden said was more words and less action. President Biden needs to get the Bill padded through Congress, which looks pretty dicey. After all, he can only do so much through his executive order. But surely that is not the kind of commitment pledges towards Climate change that the world is waiting for.”

Climate Change and evolving world scenarios according to COP26

This year’s COP26 summit confirms such progress is only incremental compared to the urgency of the climate change crisis. Although, over 200 businesses are already on board with a pledge to achieve a net-zero carbon ratio.

We are on the verge of experiencing global economic transformations worldwide. Businesses from varied market sectors are beginning to understand the immensity of opportunities these changes might bring along. World leaders need to understand the urgency of taking immediate action to fulfill the worldwide agenda of a net-zero carbon emission rate.

We all know that reaching a net-zero carbon emission rate by 2040 is a plan that needs to be put into action starting today. Only then is it possible if the world adopts nature-positive economical strategies within the coming decade? 

How 2022 might bring along geopolitical tensions on the agenda of Climate Change?

The West is on the verge of declining Glasgow’s Climate pact. A clear sign that any progress made during COP26 at Glasgow might already be in jeopardy. 

In contrast, the natural world still hopes for a better 2022 for global Climate changes. It is unclear how serious are our global leaders when it comes to commitment pledges on curbing climate change scenarios. 

Another rising concern is the simple fact of various countries ignoring parts of the Glasgow climate pact. Next year’s COP will be held in a developing coin try like Egypt. Due to which there was a deal in Glasgow’s climate pledges, requesting all countries to revisit and strengthen their plans before the coming year’s COP.

In Conclusion

After a significant underscore of progress during COP26 in Glasgow, the world needs to understand the severity of Climate Change. 

The entire is worried about the fact that “we are being kept alive by the planet earth, but the tables might turn, and Earth might just begin to heal itself and forget about us.”

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