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Hathras case: Why Dalit Women are the most ill-treated in the world?

Dalit women gang rape hathras

Dalits are the most afflicted caste class in the world, mainly because they are poor and low caste. Women should focus on all these issues. Even there is no one to help the Dalits, people of the caste also know the world, they do not even have the ability to speak for them. They face more sexual violence because they have no power to speak.

Dalits are considered untouchables in India. Here are some recent examples of Dalits and their caste discrimination.

• A 19-year-old Dalit woman was gang-raped and tortured.

• Around 80 million Dalit women in India faced sexual violence.

• Dalit women constitute around 16% of the total population.

• Dalit women belong to the most ill-considered caste in the world.

• There is a recent case of rape and murder of women in Hathras by a group of upper-caste men.

• There is a conspiracy in India to eradicate the relationship between violence and caste in a state and parts of society.

• Dalit women are from rural areas who have been victims of sexual violence for a long time.

• Dalit women still have no voice, even they are murdered, raped.

• About ten Dalit women are raped every day.

• Three states are leading in the case of Dalit oppression – Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan. Half the cases in all these states are of Dalit only. According to a 2006 survey, 500 Dalit women constitute 54% of the four states in India in forms of violence.

• Dalits were attacked 46%

• Sexual harassment 43%

• Domestic violence 23%

• 62% raped and abused

• Dalit women have to bear the brunt of violence of all castes including their caste.

• Center for Dalit Rights Group investigated that under 18 Dalit women and girls 46%

• 85% of the cases of women under 30 are

• It is also the case that in 2006, where a 17-year-old girl and four other members of her family were murdered over a land dispute in Khirlanji.

• A report in the Hathras case states that there is a dispute over 2 decades.

• Social changes across the country are sending Dalit women to feminist groups to make their voices heard.

Dalit women are still fighting back as if the case of violence was invisible and unproven, but now they do so. Now we can see everything visually, now Dalit women are strong and confident and positive.

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