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Hathras Gang-raped: Is the Indian state police trying to suppress the whole case?

Hathras Dalit Woman Gang-raped case

Manisha Valmiki, a 19-year-old Dalit woman from Hathras, was allegedly gang-raped and tortured. The forensic report said that the reason for her death was due to not rape.

Mr. Kumar A police officer claimed that the family of the women had not complained of rape initially, but, the victim girl had given a statement to the police in the presence of a magistrate in the hospital that she had been raped. Hence after his death, it is proof in the courts.

Dalits sit at the bottom of India’s caste system and are some of the lowest citizens of the country. They usually face widespread discrimination, despite laws to protect them.

Mr. Kumar suggests that the teenager was not raped and there was significant evidence of a sample in the absence of semen in the report.

Seven years have passed since an anti-rape law was introduced in India, expanding the definition of rape to include sex with an object and penetration. Furthermore, the exploration states that the absence of physical conflict is not the same consensus.

Gopal Hosur, a retired police officer, said that the police officer should not provide evidence of rape. He said that to prove this we need other evidence.

Most police officers are the repositories of the new law. A very small number of policemen are still not getting a new law. Yet police officers are careless when defining it.

Others believe that police officers are making misleading statements due to media or government pressure. Due to media pressure, the police are forced to answer the question of the gang-raped case. More problems arise after a police officer says that no semen has been found in a forensic sample.

Doctors also question the credibility of the forensic sample, the incident occurred in Hathras on 14 September, 8 days after he gave a statement to the police that he had been gang-raped.

The forensic sample was sent to the forensic lab on 25 September. Medical examination of the woman who is a victim of sexual violence states that if a woman reports the incident within four days or within 96 hours of the incident, all evidence, including the swab, should be collected.

Sperm can only be identified for 72 hours after the attack. In that case, time was not sampled, so there is no evidence of what use it is. Who works in the same hospital in Aligarh city, where the victim was admitted.

So loose forensic and suspicious statements by the police. Many Indians are still not aware and not having enough knowledge about rape laws does not help. People are still not educated about the law which causes them confusion.

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