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A doctor who has spent his life saving thousands of animals

Dr. Sharma, an elephant doctor

The Indian doctor is caring for thousands of elephants, spending much of his time with elephants. The story is about Dr. Kushal Konwar Sharma, an elephant practitioner in the Indian wildlife community, who has been spending nearly 35 years in elephant care and has also saved the lives of many elephants.

The doctor said that he feels happy with elephants. Even he spends more of his time with elephants. He is now 60 years old and has grown up in his village Baram.

He is able to understand elephant sounds and their language, he feeds to communicate with them, now most elephants recognize him. Dr. Sharma was also honored with the Padma Shri, India’s highest civilian honor. He treated more than 10,000 elephants.

He started treating elephants in 1984 and visited Manas National Park for the first time to cure elephants.

Actually, Dr. Sharma was associated with elephants since childhood, there is an elephant in his house, named Lakhmi. When he was young he used to sit on elephants around his village, which is how he fell in love with elephants.

And his association with elephants is growing stronger. Assam is a highly prone region.
Kaziranga was swept away by the recent floods and 51 animals died in this park.

Many animals died and even animals were flooded. Sharma helps them to save the animals. Some baby elephants split up with their mothers. He always tries to save the animals as he can.

Childhood friend Geeta Kaziranga, a great elephant, lives in the zoo. Geeta had 5 bullets in her body, after several surgeries, she was able to remove her metal tablets. The Gita is alive and healthy.

Dr. Sharma’s job is very risky but he still loves his job. His life is sometimes at risk.
His daughter also completed her education in valor science, his aim was to inspire her daughter and she also helped her father during his work. His aim was to teach her daughter all things so that she could take care of elephants after Dr. Sharma.

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