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China’s Zero Covid Strategy is invincible, said WHO

China's Zero COVID strategy is invincible

WHO is fighting the coronavirus pandemic by saying that China’s Zero COVID strategy is invincible. WHO’s director of Emergencies, Michael Ryan said that we need to push a reset button, which implies that in order to beat the pandemic we need to always show respect for humans and their rights.

China’s Zero COVID strategy is invincible

According to the WHO, China’s zero COVID strategy is invincible.

Air quality is deteriorating and it will continue to get worse before it gets better.

The lockdown of the protest in Shanghai has been accelerated, leaving protests in the previous major economy still hinged on a Zero-Covid policy.

Learn what the zero COVID strategy is and whether it really works

The future of China’s Zero COVID strategy is unsure.

This is in line with the behavior of a virus, which spreads and mutates over time.

According to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, we  have already discussed the issue with Chinese experts, they have already told us that the situation is unsustainable because they know about the virus and that it is not a solution.

What does WHO have to say on this?

Michael Ryan said that it was time to hit the reset button, and any measure to fight the pandemic must show respect for human rights.

She also thinks that we need to consider the effect these measures will have on society, as well as its effects on the economy.

Maria van Kerkhove, the technical head at WHO, says it is impossible to stop the spread of the virus.

They claim that they are not capable of controlling the virus globally because it is impossible. But we need to reduce the amount of transmission to stop the spread of the virus.

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