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Covid most probably spilled from China government-controlled lab: Says FBI director

Covid China test lab

We all have heard about the origin of Covid 19 in China, but we are still looking for more proof through investigation. And, it seems that China has been working on blocking the investigation. 

According to the FBI Director Chrisopher Wray, “ The FBI is almost sure about the possibility of the corona originating from a lab incident in Wuhan.” He was talking in an interview on Fox News. 

He said that we had been observing continuously that China is trying to blur and stop our work in this direction. The US government and close allies have been running this scrutinisation for a long time. 

He added that we are concerned about the dangers of biological menace. And, are worried about Covid viruses in the wrong hands of a terrorist, hostile nation state or a criminal. 

The FBI Director also quoted the assessment by the US Department of Energy, which said that the coronavirus was most probably leaked by a lab accident in China and it was also written in an updated document in 2021 by the office of Avril Haines, US Director of National Intelligence.

Four Government agencies accompanied with The National Intelligence Council have stated that there is “low possibility” of natural transmission of Coronavirus from an infected animal.

As per the Fox News report, “The other government agencies including the CIA remain undecided.”

China replied to the US criticism and said, “We are transparent and open”  in searching the origins of the Covid 19. Mao Ning Mao, Foreign Ministry spokesperson of China said that they have shared the most relevant research results in this regard.

We all are aware about the virus, which killed above 6.8 million population worldwide and is still active in several countries of the world. China is one of the most affected countries throughout.

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