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Here is why fourth wave of coronavirus infection is more dangerous

fourth wave of coronavirus more dangerous

In this time the coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly and it affects the young population more. Its symptoms are high fever, body aches etc. This is the fourth wave of coronavirus infection that spreads so fast.

The fourth wave of coronavirus is more dangerous

The fourth wave of coronavirus is more dangerous than the first.

According to statistics, 65% of the people infected are below 45 years of age.

There has been a sudden growth around the world in the last few months.

Fourth wave of coronavirus in Delhi!

According to experts, the fourth wave of coronavirus spreads very high in Delhi for the young population within the age of 30-50 years.

Coronavirus mutates

The root cause of the spike in cases is that the virus mutates according to experts. Current stress is very deadly and more contagious.

Why is the coronavirus affecting the young population?

Well the reason behind spreading the virus is that the younger age group of people go to work, use public transport, even they contact people who did not wear masks, and maintains social distancing.

These major problems are contributing to increase cases towards doctors.

Although the death rate is not like other states but if the situation is not under control then anything can happen.

Most infected people are vaccinated!

Well doctors aged between 30-50 are also more infected, healthcare workers are infected. The concern is that infected people are already vaccinated!

Doctors test positive with corona virus

Around 37 doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital have tested positive for the coronavirus, 5 doctors have been admitted to the hospital.

And many doctors have already taken 2 doses of vaccines but still they are infected.

Current stress is highly contagious and contagious and even fatal.

Why is the old population protected?

Well older populations are vaccinated for 2 doses of the vaccine and most older populations live in homes to see why they are safe and protected.

Younger people are more likely to travel, socialize, and transition.

The number of patients increases suddenly.

The Union Minister said on the last day of March that two mutant coronavirus strain 2 were detected in Delhi, Maharashtra. And strain 2 was found in the UK, South Africa, Brazil.

Even the night curfew was imposed to preserve but it is somehow useful.

The number of cases is increasing and it is better to stay protected and stay inside. There is no need to go anywhere unless necessary.

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