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Fake website sells cheap wigs to cancer patients

Urhair sells fake wigs to cancer patients

Rogue website is targeting cancer patients and Wikine that are not good in quality. Advertisers are targeted online for selling wigs to cancer patients, but the wigs are not matched with the images shown in their advertisements.

A website named contains pictures of children’s models, saying it is suitable for chemotherapy and other medicinal related issues and hair loss.

Many customers had complaints about the quality of the wig they received and the company is refusing for a refund. The website is a complete failure and is of zero quality.

The company refused to refund

If the child loses her hair during chemotherapy, then she is asked to wear a wig.
So with the wig, they can go anywhere they want freely. Many people got frustrated after buying a wig from a hairless website, they are charging around 75 Euro for hair which is actually cheaper in quality. Many claimed a refund but refused to give it. Which is very bad and disappoints their customer.

fake website selling fake wigsCustomers frustrated as the company not located at the mentioned address

Website shoppers are very upset due to the poor quality of the goods they provide. And they make the experience of many people worse. Someone had paid to promote the website in the UK so that if people search for wigs they are listed among the top four.

The websites make it clear that their address is in the UK, but the address given on the websites is completely fake and their limited company is not listed at the company’s home.
He did not reply to any mail to anyone.

Websites are filled with many pictures of models waving wigs and not just cancer patients, but in some advertisements, we found that they specifically mention chemotherapy and include a picture of a child.

They are just providing the cheap quality of the wigs which is really a shame is that they are not customer-oriented and they are not maintaining a good relationship with them.

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