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Read About The launch of Intelligent Transport System for Delhi and Eastern Peripheral Expressway

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A great moment for the infrastructural Indian history, especially in terms of roads and highways in fracture. As the Union Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari presents the capital with the launch of ITS (Intelligent Transport System). A sigh of relief for the Eastern peripheral and the Delhi Expressway. There is hope for controlled speed limits and faster ETA for emergency services. 

 After all, it’s no secret that India needs to do something about the death toll caused by or during road accidents. As mentioned by Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Intelligent Transport System is an exceptional piece of technology. 

The fact is that this piece of technology can ensure betterment in traffic rules and safety. The Intelligent Transport System comes with a splendid feature of detecting any accident. Moreover, once it detects any mishappening on Eastern Peripheral Expressway, ITs will alert the emergency services. According to the Minister of Road Transport, there are various agendas behind implementing and launching this Intelligent Transport System. 

These agendas revolve around enhancing comfort for commuters, starting with reducing traffic problems and achieving optimal travel time. The goal here is to attain effectiveness and efficiency in infrastructural development and its usage. 

The fact is that we can witness some solid foundational plans in action for the betterment of road and highway infrastructure—a sigh of relief for Delhiites and the surrounding regions of the Eastern Peripheral Expressway. There is even word of reducing and revising the speed limits according to the vehicle specifications. Furthermore, the Intelligent Transport System will help implement traffic laws. Along with enhanced feedback and evaluation opportunities in terms of traffic woes.  

Adding to this story, Mr. Nitin Gadkari has already begun with various National Highway Projects worth ₹9000 cr(approx.). Some of these projects work to better the Indian economy. 

With this piece of news, the farmers of Meerut and Muzaffarnagar have ease of access to various Transportation Systems. The Union minister said, “these National Highway Projects will make it easier for the farmers to carry crops to bigger markets. Which will further lead us towards economic upliftment.” For one moment, if we keep all the political spouts on the side, one can say that the Intelligent Transport System ensures betterment in terms of comfort for commuters. Along with the fact that the union minister has plans for the economy and even sustainable development.

In today’s day, the entire world faces the repercussions of the Covid crisis. Some people strive to improve and enhance the nation’s infrastructure, economy, and overall well-being. It has shaken the foundational roots of every sector. Today, everyone is working to better our country, from ordinary people to Union Ministers. 

In Conclusion,

The launch of Intelligent transport System is simply to maintain traffic woes, which might slowly lead us to a reduced number of deaths caused by road accidents. It is no secret that our nation needs to upgrade the Highway and Road Infrastructure. In 2019, deaths caused due to road accidents were over 1.5lakhs. It is a fact that the death toll has only increased with the passing years. 

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