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When the nation goes for a lockdown, who suffers the most

Migrant labourers suffering most during Covid-19 lockdown

The Prime Minister of India had declared a lockdown of 21 days starting 25th March with a view to curb and stop the pandemic at this stage. While it was a relief when he declared that the basic commodities would be available like chemists, hospitals, groceries, milk booths would remain open for the ease of the common man. 

Moreover, online groceries, shops, chemists are also operational during this interim. Hence the population in the major cities of the country is rescued as they can work from home and they have the essentials at the doorstep. 

But the question is, while the rich are getting easy access to groceries and the food with the online apps, what about the rest of the rural population? It is a tough time for the migrants and labourers who are struggling with their lives, without food, home, and shelter. The scene is actually wretched as labourers who earn their living by a single day, have been forced to come out of their homes, are now in a frantic situation. 

The Prime Minister of India had declared a lockdown with a view to bringing the pandemic under control, but little did he realize the plight of the teeming millions of labourers and migrants who are surviving in India’s metros, and are earning their living as day labourers and construction workers, or even domestic help.

Lockdown for these people would obviously mean no work, no pay and no food as they are simply handed to mouth. Hence the social media is strewn with videos of these labourers carrying children on their backs and are traumatized to go home walking many miles due to the non-availability of the buses and trains. 

The government has undertaken this step of lockdown definitely to restraint the spread of the disease, but the rural population was not taken into account. Their suffering is beyond control and most of them are starved, homeless, helpless!!

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