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Chinese soldiers pushed back by villagers who entered Leh in civilian clothes

Chinese soldiers who entered Leh in civilian clothes

A group of Chinese soldiers were forced to retreat by local protesters after Chinese troops crossed the Indian border and entered through the chase of Ladakh Changtang village.

Chan’s leg is located in East Leh. Local residents informed ITBP personnel. An incident shows that chinese soldiers entered in civilian clothing from Changtang village along with other campaign materials.

India Stands China

India and China have been engaged in military confrontation for more than eight months. If the agreement is strictly between the two parties and is committed to resolve the boundary issue.

The situation with LAC for the past 6 months is a result of the impact of a unilateral change in East Ladakh. A Chinese army soldier who had wandered into India carried a sleeping bag, storage device, mobile phone, and identity card.

The PLA troopers crossed the disputed boundary to retrieve stylers in Indian territory according to Indian agencies. Popular sentiment against Chinese goods and services which has become a symbol of reaction in Kashmir.

The population of Kashmir cannot be loose in the entire districts of Ladakh. By the way, people are paying attention to the ongoing situation regarding the minutes update.
On house arrest, screenshots, weblinks, etc.

Chinese aggression is largely seen as a blessing, which will help to reduce Prime Minister Modi. People in the region think that what China is doing is very good.

The offline conversation shows that people are well aware of China’s mistreatment of minorities and their hatred for Muslims.

Conflict can result in a war that will bring the disastrous Kashmir, Jammu together. The people of Ladakh say that it does not directly affect our lives and livelihoods.

Chinese bullying that compares the actions of Indian rule should worry about security. The response of the public in Kashmir to Chinese aggression should be worrying as it wakes up. The situation between these counties will be more important.

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