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Why does Pakistan Want Kashmir?

Why does Pakistan want Kashmir

Why does Pakistan want Kashmir? The issue or we can say the conflict of Kashmir which started after the partition of India in 1947 has always been a reason for stress between India and Pakistan. Both countries tried their best to gain the claim of the Former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir.

A dispute over a region that’s expanded into deadly wars. If we talk about the current situation 50% of Kashmir is under India and 30% under Pakistan. 

Before discussing why Pakistan want Kashmir we should know what is so Important in Kashmir that two countries are trying their best to gain control over Kashmir.


A region which is very valuable in its geography, security and resources. The river Indus flows through Kashmir, an important part of the agriculture process in Pakistan. Similarly in India irrigation is dependent upon the Indus river. The nation that controls this region effectively can cut the water supply to the other. To manage this problem, the water treaty came into existence on 19,September,1960.

The Indus Waters Treaty

Under the treaty, India would have control over eastern tributaries like Beas, Ravi, and Satluj.

Pakistan would have control over western rivers of Indus, Chenab and Jhelum.

India has carried almost 16% of the total water carried by the Indus river while the rest is carried by Pakistan.

Fear of Pakistan

Even with the implementation of the Treaty Pakistan fears that India will cut the water supply, since the region through which Indus flows is under India’s control.

Also, the glacier provides immense amounts of freshwater to the region of Pakistan.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC). This organization involves the development of infrastructure in Pakistan, establishment of Networks between China and Pakistan. Pakistan aims directly at connecting itself with both China and Central Asia through Kashmir. One more concern for Pakistan.

We discussed Pakistan fears which is understandable why they want Kashmir desperately. The main reason for Pakistan wanting Kashmir is because of its water. 

A platform named Quora where users share their opinion on topics have Said the same.

The water being is surely one of the reasons but there are many other reasons too. Let’s see what are other reasons for Pakistan wanting Kashmir.

Why does Pakistan Want Kashmir?

1. Historical context

Kashmir has been a disputed territory between India and Pakistan since the partition of British India in 1947. The region’s majority-Muslim population and its geographic location next to Pakistan have contributed to Pakistan’s interest in Kashmir. Pakistan believes that the people of Kashmir should have the right to determine their own political destiny, and many Pakistanis view the region’s accession to India as illegitimate.

2.Religious and cultural ties

This is all about why Pakistan wants Kashmir.  The online famous media portal Alza Zeera also posted an article about what they would do if they gain control over Pakistan completely. 

 If talking about India it has its own reason for maintaining control over Kashmir which varies to every individual. Some of reasons can be:

Why does India Want Kashmir?

Economic Considerations

Kashmir is highly Economic in tourism, hydroelectricity, and tourism and India aim is to develop Kashmir infrastructure and tap into Kashmir’s natural resources and promote more Economic growth and uplift the lives of its residents.

Concerns related to National Security

It’s not a new thing that India has faced multiple conflicts and cross border tensions with Pakistan over the years with Kashmir always a point of discussion in these conflicts. India believes that if they would gain control over it is important for national security and also to prepare for cross border terriosm.

Secular and pluralistic values

India is a diverse and pluralistic country, and it prides itself on being a secular democracy that upholds the rights of various ethnic, religious, and linguistic groups. India maintains that the people of Kashmir should be able to exercise their democratic rights within the Indian constitutional framework.

Public sentiment and national unity

The issue of Kashmir resonates strongly with the Indian population, and the region holds emotional and symbolic value for many Indians. The government’s position on maintaining control over Kashmir is driven by the desire to uphold national unity and territorial integrity.

How much we talked about reasons that Pakistan want Kashmir for this India want Kashmir for this the issue wouldn’t be solved till there will be a proper communication between the two countries.

An article posted by Hindustan Times, talks about how they want good relations with India. Also, bringing the Kashmir conflict topic in between. 

This article is about why the two countries are fighting for Kashmir but it mainly highlights Pakistan’s plight without Kashmir, it’s fears and so much more.

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